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Hytopia Castle

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Hytopia Castle
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Hytopia Castle is the seat of Hytopia's monarchical government in Tri Force Heroes, presided by King Tuft and his daughter Princess Styla. The castle is located directly within the town of Hytopia. It notably contains three Triforce-shaped portals, the Triforce Gateways, as the only known entrances to the Drablands.

Features and Overview

The castle has three designated lobbies inside used to enter the Drablands, with a Triforce Gateway in each one. These include a room for multiplayer communications where multiple people can enter the Drablands, a separate lobby called the Hall of the Doppels where a singular person can enter the land with two Doppels, and a third room where the Links can participate in Coliseum battles taken place in the Drablands.

Each lobby has a Master who will open the Triforce Gateway, and a small library containing diary entries where Mr. Tudor can be found. The multiplayer communications lobby and the Hall of the Doppels also each have a Drablands Challenge Completion List showing Link's Level progress, as well as Madame Couture's Assistant, who shows the Catalog and Material List. As only groups of three are permitted to enter the Drablands, these rooms take precautions to ensure that Link is paired with two more heroes before entering the land — either by matching him with other Links, or by awakening the Doppels to accompany him.[1]

The castle also has a throne room where Link is summoned to speak with King Tuft. He congratulates Link on clearing the Woodlands and encourages him to bring peace to his land by completing all challenges in the Drablands, including Drablands Challenges. Once Link has been summoned, he is free to visit the King anytime in his throne room. Link can speak with him after clearing all challenges of a particular Area to receive its exclusive, gold-ranked Material.

Hall of the Doppels

The Hall of the Doppels, known as the Doppels' Chamber in the European release, is the lobby where the Doppels are kept; wooden dolls that are awakened by the Doppel Master to accompany Link to the Drablands when he is without allies. Doppels are not permitted to leave the hall, as a guard by the entrance will prevent any from exiting. Only the green-garbed hero may leave the lobby.



  1. "This is a Triforce gateway. Using its power is the only way to travel to the Drablands. Only when three heroes gather will the Triforce's power awaken and allow for travel between the worlds. The way will not open for one hero alone." — Match Master (Tri Force Heroes)