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Hyrule Warriors Translations/All

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The following page is a list of the names of every character, boss, enemy, location and item appearing in Hyrule Warriors in every release of the game.

  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual/location/item in that language.


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
HW Aeralfos.png
Aeralfos Aeralfos Aeralfos Aeralfos
HWDE Beamos Model.png
Beamos Sentinelle Strahlzyklop Laseros
HW Big Poe.png
ビッグポウ (Biggu Pō) Big Poe Âme Nachtschwärmer Grande Poo
HW Bulblin Artwork.png
Bulblin Bulblin Bulblin
HW Bulblin Captain.png
Bulblin Captain Capitaine Bulblin Capitano Bulblin
HW Cucco.png
Cucco Cocotte Huhn Coccò
HW Dark Aeralfos.png
Dark Aeralfos Aeralfos Noir Dunkel-Aeralfos Aeralfos oscuro
Dark Darknut Darknut Noir Dunkel-Nimbusgarde Titanus oscuro
HW Darknut.png
Darknut Darknut Nimbusgarde Titanus
HW Deku Baba Artwork.png
Deku Baba Baba Mojo Dekuranha Deku Baba
Dinolfos Dinolfos Dinolfos
HW Fiery Aeralfos.png
Fiery Aeralfos Feuer-Aeralfos Salamandyr
Gatekeeper Guardien Guardaporta
HW Ghost Captain.png
Ghost Captain Capitano fantasma
HW Ghost Soldier.png
聖剣の守り人 (Seiken no Moribito) Ghost Soldier Soldato fantasma
HW Gibdo.png
ギブド (Gibudo) Gibdo Gibdo Gibdo Ghibdo
Gold Cucco Cocotte dorée Goldhuhn Coccò d'oro
HWDE Goron Portrait.png
Goron Goron Goron
HWDE Goron Captain 1 Portrait.png
Goron Captain Capitaine Goron Capitano goron
HW Hylian Captain Model.png
Hylian Captain Capitaine d'Hyrule Capitano di hyrule
HW Hylian Soldier Model.png
Hylian Soldier Soldat d'Hyrule Soldato di hyrule
HW Icy Big Poe Model.png
アイスビッグポウ (Aisu Biggu Pō) Icy Big Poe Âme de glace Frost-Nachtschwärmer Grande Poo del gelo
HW Lizalfos.png
Lizalfos Echsalfos Lizalfos
HW Moblin Model.png
Moblin Moblin Grublin
Shield Moblin Schild-Moblin Grublin scudo
フレイムギブド (Fureimu Gibudo) ReDead Knight Flammen-Gibdo Ghibdo igneo
HW Stalchild.png
Stalchild Stalfosso
HW Stalfos.png
Stalfos Stalfos
HW Stalmaster.png
Stalmaster Stalmeister Bistalfos
HW Summoner Ghost.png
Summoner Magus Evocatore

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