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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
HWAoC English Logo.png
HWAoC Box NA.png
Ryota Matsushita (director)
Yosuke Hayashi (producer)
Masaki Furusawa (producer)
Release date(s)
North America November 20, 2020
Japan November 20, 2020
European Union November 20, 2020
Commonwealth of Australia November 20, 2020
Content ratings
  • ESRB: T
  • PEGI: 12
  • CERO: B
  • USK: 12
Hack and Slash
Game mode(s)
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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is an upcoming game in The Legend of Zelda series. Story wise, it is a prequel to Breath of the Wild, taking place 100 years prior to the events of that game, during the second Great Calamity.[1]


The gameplay is seemingly similar to Hyrule Warriors's which is itself a based on Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors series of video games, in which characters fight large armies of enemies and generals on a battlefield, with the the setting and characters originating from The Legend of Zelda series, specifically from Breath of the Wild. As such, it is set to be more combat-intensive that most Zelda games, with hordes of enemies on the screen at once.

The player controls multiple characters throughout the game including Link, Zelda, Mipha, Urbosa, Revali, Daruk, Impa, Robbie, and Purah through the story, with the player being able to switch characters on the fly depending on the scenario. Most of the hordes of enemies are based on weaker enemies, like Bokoblins and Yiga Clan clansmen, with stronger enemies like Guardians, Lynels and Yiga Blademasters appear as stronger single units. Larger versions of Bokoblins acting as captains have also been seen.

Characters also fight alongside regular Soldiers and other playable characters, and the game will alert if an ally requires assistance. The game also features multiple locations throughout Breath of the Wild's Hyrule Kingdom that function as battlefields, including the Akkala Citadel Ruins, Hyrule Field and the Lanayru region.

This game takes place over 100 years before Link awoke in the Shrine of Resurrection, so locations that were shown in ruins in Breath of the Wild such as Lon Lon Ranch and other towns and cities will be shown as they were before the calamity.

The game features local simultaneous multiplayer co-op, allowing players to split up to complete objectives and cover more ground more effectively.

Footage of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity gameplay from the Nintendo Treehouse live event.

Nintendo Treehouse: Live | October 2020

Game Information


By mid-2012, following the reception to Skyward Sword, The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma had determined that the franchise was in urgent need of reinvention, in order for it to remain relevant. Aonuma decided that the development team would focus on rethinking the conventions of Zelda, and that this would largely center around two misconceptions:[2]

  1. That Zelda games needed to be linear
  2. That Zelda games were strictly meant to be single player experiences

The development team tackled the notion of non-linear Zelda games with A Link Between Worlds and Breath of the Wild. While both games were in development, Nintendo was approached by Dynasty Warriors publisher Koei Tecmo, whose studios had previously worked with the company on titles like Metroid: Other M and Fatal Frame, with a proposal to develop a new kind of Zelda game.[3] The original pitch by Koei Tecmo producer Yosuke Hayashi involved elements that were staples of Zelda, such as dungeon exploration, but Nintendo fellow Shigeru Miyamoto asked that Hayashi graft the world of Zelda onto Dynasty Warriors gameplay instead.[4]

At the time, Aonuma had been playing One Piece: Pirate Warriors, another Warriors-style game developed by Koei Tecmo, and saw the potential in a similar crossover with Zelda.[5] Development of this game, dubbed Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou in Japan), was completed in 2014, making it the first multiplayer Zelda game since Four Swords Adventures. In parallel, a small portion of the Zelda team also worked with Grezzo, the studio responsible for Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D, to develop Tri Force Heroes, a three-player Zelda game for the Nintendo 3DS.

As work progressed on Breath of the Wild, Aonuma began thinking of ways to explore another multiplayer Zelda title, this time using lessons the team had learnt from the development of that game.[6] Once development had wrapped, Aonuma approached Hayashi and Koei Tecmo regarding the possibility of developing another Hyrule Warriors title, this time set within the world of Breath of the Wild specifically. The game would depict the Great Calamity that had taken place prior to the events of Breath of the Wild, as Aonuma felt the setting provided an appropriate backdrop for Warriors-style gameplay, which focused on battles against large armies of enemies.[7] Hayashi and his team were asked to collaborate more closely with the Zelda development team at Nintendo this time around, on elements such as gameplay, graphics, the depiction of Hyrule, and all character dialogue.[8]

Limited Edition

A limited treasure box edition of the game will be released in Japan. It will include a copy of the game, an acrylic art plate, a parasail blanket, and a metal charm.[9]















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TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseゼルダ無双 厄災の黙示録 (Zeruda Musō Yakusai no Mokushiroku)[10]Zelda Unrivaled: Apocalypse of the Calamity
ChinaChineseSIZELDA无双 灾厄启示录 (Zerda wúshuāng zāi è qǐshì lù)[11]Zelda Unrivaled: Disaster Revelation
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTRZELDA無雙 災厄啟示錄 (Zerda wúshuāng zāi è qǐshì lù)[12]Zelda Unrivaled: Disaster Revelation
CanadaFrenchCAHyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[13] 
FranceFrenchEUHyrule Warriors : L'Ère du Fléau[14]Hyrule Warriors : The Era of the Scourge
GermanyGermanHyrule Warriors: Zeit der Verheerung[15] 
ItalyItalianHyrule Warriors: L'era della calamità[16]Hyrule Warriors: The era of the calamity
South KoreaKorean젤다무쌍 대재앙의 시대 (Jelda mussang daejaeang-ui sidae)[17]The Age of Zelda Warriors Apocalypse
SpainSpanishEUHyrule Warriors: La era del cataclismo[18]Hyrule Warriors: The era of the cataclysm
Latin AmericaSpanishLAHyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[19] 
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