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Launch Date1999

Hyrule.com.ar (HCA) was founded by Andrea in 1999. HCA succeeded HTLOZ as the most popular Zelda website from 2000-2002, and preceded Zelda Universe. In June 2002, after numerous server moves to try and keep pace with the site's popularity, HCA reluctantly closed its doors. A goodbye message took its place for the next four years, before an attempted revival in 2006. Most forum members sought refuge at Ganon's Tower.


Andrea created a website for the recently released Ocarina of Time game in early 1999, known then as zelda64.com.ar. She would create an ezBoard in May of 1999, which would eventually grow to become one of the larger forums in the Zelda community. Around September 2000, the main site underwent a major overhaul in preparation for the upcoming release of Majora's Mask, and the site's address changed to hyrule.com.ar, though the message board remained an ezBoard. In October of 2001 the message boards were migrated to vBulletin, after problems with spyware and viruses plagued the ezBoard. Andrea also changed the layout to coordinate with the main site's appearance. This would go on to be the most active iteration of the boards.


In March 2002, the forums hit their first hiccup, going offline at random and for several days in one instance. Andrea decided it was time to change servers, and the site was somewhat stable again. In May, the server dropped the site and left many members lost. During this time, a surge of members went to HCA's sister site, Ganon's Tower. It was there Andrea announced HCA was searching for a more stable host. Eventually, Attrox of Great Deku Tree offered to host the site and boards. In June 2002, however, the site was shut down.


In January 2006, the homepage of Hyrule.com.ar changed. Instead of the goodbye message that had stood for four years, a new message appeared, suggesting the site's incipient return. The teaser sparked a massive response from the Zelda Community, and hyrule.com.ar successfully re-opened later that month. The forums, however, were knocked out in August by an alleged hacker attack. The forums remain down.

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