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For the corrupted Soldiers that appear as enemies, see Soldier (Enemy)
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Other Media
EstablishmentEra of Prosperity
(Hyrule Castle
Castle Town)
(Clock Town)
(Ambi's Palace)
Objective(s)Protect citizens, royalty
Maintain order
Leader(s)Royal Family of Hyrule
Captain Viscen
Queen Ambi
Guard Captain Russell
Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper
Mr. Guard

Soldiers,(OoT | TP | ALBW | HW)[1][2][3][4] also known as Guards,(ST)[name reference missing] Hylian Soldiers,(ALBW)[5] and Hyrulean Soldiers,(CoH)[name reference missing] are the recurring group of warriors, law enforcers and protectors in The Legend of Zelda series. Soldiers go unnamed in Majora's Mask 3D.

In most titles, they serve the Royal Family of Hyrule and are charged with the protection of the citizens under the monarchy's rule. Though they appear mostly in Hyrule, Soldiers appear in other lands as well, such as Termina and Labrynna. Soldiers are known for their fervent sense of duty, though their infallible obedience occasionally leads to manipulation by evil forces. They generally bear a strong resemblance to soldiers of medieval Europe.


Every Soldier seen in the games serves as a Guard. Therefore, the terms "Soldier" and "Guard" have become interchangeable in the series. Guards patrol populated areas, most commonly Hyrule Castle Town or Hyrule Castle itself. In Ocarina of Time, as it is usually off-limits, Link must sneak past the Castle Guards to infiltrate the castle or, more specifically, Zelda's Courtyard. If Link is seen by one of the Guards on patrol, he will be thrown out of the castle. Other similar Stealth missions have since appeared several times in the series.


In The Legend of Zelda series, Hylian guards are usually depicted as having a fervent sense of duty and are fully obedient to the Royal Family. In The Minish Cap, Vaati takes advantage of their unquestioning loyalty by impersonating King Daltus. By doing so, he is able to have the unsuspecting Soldiers do his bidding. In Oracle of Ages, Veran is also able to manipulate the Guards by possessing Nayru's body and, later on, Queen Ambi herself.

The Soldiers in Twilight Princess present an almost opposite image. Cowardly in nature, they will flee at the first hint of danger. However, it should be noted that during Zant's Invasion of Hyrule Castle, there is a group of Soldiers who bravely hold their ground against Zant's Shadow Beasts, protecting Princess Zelda. The deaths of many Soldiers in this battle, as well as Zelda's subsequent surrender, could potentially explain the Soldiers' attitude thereafter, as these events would have been a devastating blow to morale. Otherwise, the lack of Soldiers may have prompted the drafting of unsuitable men.

Aside from the timorous guards of Twilight Princess, one dishonest Castle Guard in Ocarina of Time accepts bribery.[6] In Spirit Tracks, a cowardly Guard searching for treasure with his friend in the caves of Disorientation Station stumbles upon a monstrous plant and runs away, leaving his friend behind.[7][8]


The uniform of the Hyrulean Soldier greatly differs throughout the series, but their weapon of choice is usually the spear.

In A Link to the Past and Four Swords Adventures, Soldiers are entirely covered in plate armor, with only a slit in their helm so they can see. They may carry a dagger, a sword or a spear; these soldiers also carry a small shield. Some of them are archers and javelin throwers, while others throw Bombs. Some soldiers in A Link to the Past have special armor with horns on their helm. The color of the armor varies—this denotes their strength.

In Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess, Soldiers don lighter armor consisting of chain mail and a grey tabard bearing the Royal Crest (only in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess) along with leather boots. In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, guards wear greaves but leave their knees and lower thighs exposed. Captain Viscen in Majora's Mask wears particularly opulent armor that denotes his rank. The guards in Twilight Princess carry long metal shields, which have feet that allow them to rest on the ground. Their spears have this feature as well.

In Spirit Tracks, Guards wear no armor and are clothed in a forest green outfit much like the garb of the Hero of Winds. The Recruit Uniform especially resembles the Hero's Clothes, as it comprises the signature green cap. Link himself obtains the Recruit Uniform from Princess Zelda. All Guards use spears, with the exception of Captain Russell, who has a sword sheathed at his hip. Russell's uniform is essentially the same as the rest of the Guards, with only a badge bearing the Royal Crest on his tunic to denote his rank.

In A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes, Guards wear a matching tunic, tall hat, and boots. In addition, they carry spears. However, there are several differences between the Hylian Soldiers and the Hytopian Soldiers. The Hylian Guards have one row of buttons down their tunics, their hats are flat on top, and their uniforms are red. In Tri Force Heroes, the Hytopian Soldiers have two rows of buttons, their hats come to a rounded point, and their garb is light blue. In addition, they wear a large, pale yellow feather in their caps.

In Hyrule Warriors, Hylian Soldiers revert to wearing full, lightweight armor. The low-ranking soldiers wear chain mail beneath blue and white patterned surcoats, as well as a steel helmet. The higher ranking soldiers wear full plate armor and armet helmets.

Guard Captains

Captain Viscen

Soldiers are commonly led by Guard Captains or higher-ranking Soldiers. They are responsible for the entire force and issue orders. Unlike most Soldiers, they typically wear special uniforms or badges to denote their rank. Only a few Captains are encountered in the main series games.

Captain Viscen

Main article: Captain Viscen

Captain Viscen is the leader of the Clock Town Guards in Majora's Mask. The Captain and his Guards have a significant role in this game, as they are an independent force that does not serve any royalty. Viscen has a notable influence in the decision-making of the town, although he must ultimately respect Mayor Dotour's decisions. He is greatly concerned with the people's safety, and, with the inevitable approach of the Moon, tries to have the Mayor order an evacuation of the town.[9] The Captain's proposal is met with opposition from the stubborn Mutoh, the head of the Carnival Committee who also has a significant influence on the town.[10][11] Ultimately, the Mayor settles the matter by allowing to have citizens decide for themselves if they want to flee.[12]

Captain Russell

Main article: Guard Captain Russell

Captain Russell is the burly leader of the Hyrule Castle Guards in Spirit Tracks. He can be found at the castle's training room, where he oversees the training of new Guards. Under the guise of a recruit, Link learns sword fighting from Russell. The Captain sees through Link's ruse, but gives him his first sword regardless.[13]


Main article: Captain

The Captain is the leader of the Hyrulean Soldiers in A Link Between Worlds. He appears briefly at the beginning to collect his new sword and shield from the Blacksmith, but forgets to take his sword with him and mistakenly leaves it behind, forcing Link to deliver it. He is turned into a painting by Yuga at the Sanctuary before Link can give it to him, however. He is later brought back to normal following Yuga's defeat, and is given back his sword. A man that greatly resembles him appears in Tri Force Heroes. He is in charge of explaining the Coliseum.


Main article: Soldier (Enemy)
Hyrulean Soldier enemies from A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past and Four Swords Adventures, the Soldiers of Hyrule are corrupted by Agahnim and Vaati's magic, respectively.[14] Enemy Soldiers wield a plethora of weapons, from spears to swords to bows to a Ball & Chain. In A Link to the Past, a sign in Kakariko Village encourages the townsfolk to call for the Guards if they see Link, falsely proclaiming that he kidnapped Zelda.[15] When the Informant Woman calls for the Guards, he must either defeat them or flee the village.[16] In Four Swords Adventures, groups of Soldiers are occasionally led by a much stronger Chief Soldier.

The Guards inside Ambi's Palace in Oracle of Ages will also attack Link on-sight. These Guards are not put under any spells and are therefore in full control of themselves. They unwittingly serve the Veran when she takes possession of Nayru's body and subsequently Queen Ambi's. This also occurs in The Minish Cap when Vaati impersonates King Daltus. Vassals, however, will not attack Link.

In A Link Between Worlds, similar enemy Soldiers to those from A Link to the Past appear and attack Link, however, they are not corrupted Soldiers themselves, but rather paintings brought to life by Yuga. In Lorule, Lorule Castle's own Soldiers had abandoned their duties and left to patrol for and serve the Gemesaur King at the Dark Ruins.[17] They will imprison Link if they spot him. Later, more Lorulean Soldiers are encountered as enemies within Lorule Castle.

In Tri Force Heroes, Soldiers that work for Lady Maud appear as enemies in the Fortress. There are also Sky variants of these Soldiers that appear in the Sky Realm. It is unknown if these Soldiers were corrupted or not.

Appearances by Game

A Link to the Past

A friendly, gold-armored Soldier
Friendly, blue Soldier seen in the credits
Friendly, red Soldier seen in the credits

In A Link to the Past, friendly Soldiers are only seen briefly before losing their minds to Agahnim's magic.[18] All friendly Soldiers wear golden armor and carry a large shield, but have no visible weapons. However, in the GBA version, one of them mentions that he carries a sword.[19] During the rainstorm at the beginning of the game, the Soldiers prevent Link from straying too far from Hyrule Castle. They will offer Link helpful advice if he speaks to them.[20] However once Link approaches Hyrule Castle, the guards he finds are all hostile and attack him on sight. Once this happens, the Guards with golden armor disappear, and enemy Soldiers patrol the entire land of Hyrule. They are also summoned when certain villagers in Kakariko Village spot Link. After Agahnim is defeated, the Soldiers' curse is broken and they are returned to normal.[21]

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, the Soldiers guard Hyrule Castle, Castle Town, and Kakariko Village. The average Soldier is warm and welcoming, and may offer helpful advice. However, the Castle Guards tend to be sterner and will stop commoners such as Link from entering the castle.[22] Link must sneak past them to get into the castle and, ultimately, to Zelda's Courtyard. Alternatively, one of the Castle Guards can be bribed into opening the castle doors.[23]

In Kakariko Village, the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper guards the gate to Death Mountain Trail. He will not open the gate until he sees Zelda's Letter. This Soldier, whose son asked for the Keaton Mask, will ask Link to buy the mask for him.[24] This begins the Mask Trading Sequence. There are two other Soldiers in Kakariko: one stands at the Village entrance while the other stands outside Impa's House. Self-proclaimed "clock Soldiers of Kakariko", they will tell Link the time if he talks to them.[25]

After the obtaining the Ocarina of Time from a fleeing Princess Zelda, a fatally wounded Soldier appears in the Back Alley of Castle Town. The Soldier tells Link of how Ganondorf betrayed the King, and how he was injured fighting Ganondorf's men while trying cover Zelda's escape with Impa.[26] He urges Link to proceed to the Temple of Time, dying shortly after.[27] The Soldier disappears once Link goes into the future, and so the scene is permanently missed if he does not meet the Soldier before pulling the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time.

After Link travels seven years into the future, the Guards have all but disappeared, having been either slaughtered or released from their posts in Ganon's reign. It is implied that the lone Soldier in the Guard House in Ocarina of Time becomes the Poe Collector in the future, since he expressed interest in studying ghosts.[28] The Poe Collector's shop is also located at the exact same location as the Guard House in the future.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, there are Soldiers that guard each exit of Clock Town. They will not allow any children get past them, therefore Link may only pass in Goron form, Zora form, or as himself once they notice his sword.[29] If Link's sword is stolen by a Takkuri, the Guards will still allow him to leave town and will inform him about the Curiosity Shop.[30] Deku Link may not exit as he is seen as a child.[31] The Guards are mostly unaware of what goes on in the town because they cannot leave their posts,[32][33] unless they receive new orders from Captain Viscen.[34] The guards of Clock Town are the only corps of Soldiers who do not answer to a higher power other than their Captain. On the Final Day, Clock Town Soldiers are seen gazing worriedly at the approaching Moon. Much like their Captain, the Guards are dismayed by those who choose to stay.[35] They will encourage Link to leave town if he speaks to them.[36] The Guards themselves remain at their posts until the Moon falls, awaiting new orders that never come.[34]

An injured Soldier named Shiro appears on the Road to Ikana. Shiro is invisible and can only be spotted using the Lens of Truth.[37] If Link gives him a Red or Blue Potion, he will reward Link with the Stone Mask.[38] In Majora's Mask 3D, however, he is instead relocated to the Pirates' Fortress.

It is said that the Stalchildren of Majora's Mask were the cursed Soldiers of the Ikana Kingdom.[39] Skull Keeta was their Captain.[40]

Oracle of Ages

A green Soldier in Oracle of Ages
A red Soldier in Oracle of Ages
A blue Soldier in Oracle of Ages
An orange Soldier in Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, Guards serve Queen Ambi in Labyrnna's past, where they guard the queen's palace. Their armor comes in green, blue, red, and orange. Two Guards standing at the palace entrance to prevent Link from entering.[41] These Guards disappear after the completion of the Mermaid's Cave, allowing Link to enter the palace to save Nayru. The Guards patrolling the courtyard of Ambi's Palace will throw Link out of the palace if they spot him.[42] However, the Guards inside the palace itself will simply attack Link until he leaves the room. The hero can also choose to fight them off; they will flee if hit with several sword strikes.[43] Guards can deal one heart of damage.

Guards also oversee the construction of Queen Ambi's Tower as well as the search for Mystery Seeds in the Deku Forest. A Soldier in the Tower lends Link a Shovel so that he may help with the construction. After Link finds the Mystery Seeds and talks to one of the Guards, they will escort Link to Ambi's Palace so he can give them to the queen.[44][45]

Four Swords Adventures

A Swordsman sprite from Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, Soldiers are possessed by Vaati. They are the most populous foes in the game, and resemble their A Link to the Past counterparts greatly. A massive Soldier known as Chief Soldier is powerful enough to serve as the boss of two stages: Lake Hylia and Death Mountain Foothills. Like in A Link to the Past, Guards are classified by weaponry and they include the archer, Ball and Chain Soldier, bomber, and swordsmen varieties.

The Minish Cap

Main article: Vassals
A green-striped Vassal
A blue-striped Vassal

In The Minish Cap, the Vassal Guards are the diligent servants of King Daltus. Blue-striped Vassals guard Hyrule Castle, while green-striped ones patrol Hyrule Town. Some can also be found at Lon Lon Ranch and North Hyrule Field. When Vaati impersonates King Daltus, the unsuspecting Vassals are ordered to search for the Light Force and not allow anyone into the castle.[46][47][48] To get inside, Link must sneak past them into the castle. Later on, most of the Soldiers are turned to stone by Vaati.[49]

Vassals (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Vassals Figurine Sprite.png
These vassals serve the king of
Hyrule. They are loyal and diligent.
Like the king himself, they are
courteous yet frank.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Soldiers can be seen patrolling Hyrule Castle Town alone or in groups, walking in single file. They try to look calm and go about their daily routine, even though they have no access to Hyrule Castle.[50] If Link enters the town as a Wolf, the Soldiers will surround him but will not attack, trembling and whimpering. If Wolf Link then performs a Spin Attack, they will run away screaming, often leaving behind Rupees or Arrows.

The poor state of the guard encourages a group of vigilantes, known as The Resistance, to take it upon themselves to restore peace to Hyrule.[51] Their meetings are held in the back room of Telma's Bar whose owner, Telma, is particularly disdainful of the Hyrulean guard.[52] In a humorous cutscene, a group of Soldiers eagerly volunteer to escort Telma, Ilia, and a sickened Ralis to Kakariko Village.[53] However, once Telma mentions the path is infested with monsters, the Soldiers quickly disappear.[54]

In certain areas of Hyrule Castle, Link can detect ghostly spirits of deceased Soldiers using his wolf senses. The ghosts will guide Link through the castle and help him solve puzzles by pointing to areas of interest. The identity of these Soldiers is never revealed, but they are speculated to be the slain Soldiers from Zant's attack on Hyrule Castle. Interestingly, they appear to wear different uniforms than the living Soldiers.

The Soldiers in Twilight Princess are the only ones in the entire series that do not prevent Link from progressing in the game.

Spirit Tracks

A green-clad Guard from Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, unlike the other iterations of Soldiers, these Soldiers are unique as being members of the New Hyrule's government and society as opposed to the original Hyrule. In addition to regular Soldiers, part of the guard force in the game consists of new recruits. Donning the Recruit Uniform he obtained from Zelda, Link pretends to be a recruit, fooling the Guards into thinking he is one of them.[55] In a modified version of the classic Stealth mission, Link must sneak Zelda out of the castle,[56] engaging the Guards in conversation to distract them so Zelda can slip by.[57] Since the Guards see Link as one of their own while he is wearing the uniform, they allow him to pass freely through the castle.

Guard training is overseen by Guard Captain Russell in the training hall at the rear of the castle. Here Link learns the art of sword fighting and obtains his first sword.[58] Afterwards, he can return to hone his skills through Sword Training.[59] In this mini-game, Link is pitted against the three Soldiers in the training room. In the same vein as Orca's sword training in The Wind Waker, Link must land as many blows on the Guards before he receives three. Link is rewarded by Captain Russell in accordance to the number of blows he inflicted.[60]

Castle Guard in Spirit Tracks

At the Disorientation Station, Link encounters a Guard standing near the opening of a cave at the station.[61] The Guard reveals that he and his friend secretly came to the area to search for a golden treasure.[62] During their search, they stumbled upon a Fire Baba; the Soldier become frightened and ran away, leaving his friend behind.[63] The Castle Guard, seeing Link's sword, asks Link to search the cave for him,[64] giving him a riddle to help him navigate the maze.[65] The Soldier tells the hero he can keep the treasure if he finds it, as he only wishes to see his friend return safely.[66] In the cave, Link finds a message engraved in stone written by the Soldier's friend, who died in the cave. In his message, the Soldier reveals that he planned to take the treasure for himself.[67] He apologizes for his selfishness and urges his friend to move on.[68] After hearing this message from his deceased friend, the Soldier promises to live on for his friend's sake, giving Link 100 Rupees as a sign of gratitude.[69]

A Link Between Worlds

ALBW Hyrule Soldier Model.png

In A Link Between Worlds, Soldiers are found patrolling Hyrule Castle's exterior and interior. They wear light surcoats and stovepipe shako hats, both of which are red in color. Unlike most iterations in the series, these Soldiers bear a closer resemblance to soldiers from the Victorian era than the Medieval era. They are lead by the Captain. During the beginning of the game, several are shown trying to scrub away paintings of evil Soldiers that have mysteriously begun appearing on the castle walls. With the help of Yuga, the evil Soldiers take over the castle. After the castle is seized, the original Soldiers fall back to Kakariko Village, and remain there for the rest of the game. A few Lorulean counterparts of these Soldiers can be found throughout Lorule, such as the Captain. Others have since abandoned their duties and left to worship the Gemesaur King at the Dark Ruins.

Tri Force Heroes

TFH Mr. Guard Model.png

In Tri Force Heroes, Soldiers appear in Hytopia as King Tuft's guards. They keep watch of Hytopia Castle, including its entrance and the town gate, ensuring that no suspicious people come in or leave. A Soldier named Mr. Guard patrols the castle entrance, whose duty is to only allow in those who match the King's description of the legendary Tri Force Heroes. Their garb is very similar to the Soldiers in A Link Between Worlds, although their uniform's color is light blue instead of red. Their caps also end in a rounded point, they have two rows of buttons down their front.

Their commander seems to be the Captain that is found at the entrance to the Coliseum. Sir Combsly also commands the Witch-Hunting Brigade by order of the king.

Enemy Soldiers also appear in the Drablands.

Breath of the Wild

BotW Cutscene Guard.png

In Breath of the Wild, Link can wear Soldier Armor. 100 years prior to Hyrule Kingdom's fall in Breath of the Wild, Guards are briefly shown in a flashback of Hyrule Castle, standing beside King Rhoam. In this flashback, they are also seen guarding the Castle. They wear plate armor with chainmail underneath.

In the Champion's Ballad, two soldiers are depicted protecting Princess Zelda when she ventures across Hyrule. A platoon of soldiers are depicted standing in the Sanctum when King Rhoam gives his speech.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Soldier from Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, Soldiers appear as the fighting troops in numerous Forces. Infantry Soldiers are common and make up most of the numbers in a Force. They are followed by Captains, which are stronger variants that take lead and take on various other roles determined by their type, as well as Generals or Commanders, which are typically much stronger Soldiers that are crucial to a Force. Soldiers are tasked with defending areas and attacking enemies. They often occupy Keeps and Outposts their Force has claimed, which will also increase their numbers if allowed time.

Soldiers can appear as both ally troops and enemies, and their races vary depending on the Force. Hylian Soldiers accompany the Hyrulean Forces, but are also sometimes joined by Goron Soldiers, who also fight on their own Force as well. The Hylian Soldiers wear chain mail and surcoats while the Captains wear plate armor, and are equipped with either spears, maces, swords and shields or bows. Link was originally a Hylian Soldier in-training before he became the hero. The Dark Forces and Ganondorf's Forces employ numerous monsters as their Soldiers, commonly ranging from Stalchildren, Bulblins and Bokoblins.

In the "Sealed Ambition" Scenario, several Soldiers turn on the Hyrulean Forces and become enemies when Ghirahim takes control of their minds, resulting in mutiny and must be defeated. In "The Sacred Sword", the Ghost Forces that appear consists of ghostly Soldiers that defend the Temple of the Sacred Sword from those seeking the Master Sword. They attack the Hyrulean Forces when Wizzro takes control of them.

Cadence of Hyrule

Hyrulean Soldiers are enemies in Cadence of Hyrule. They are hostile even towards Zelda and may appear with Boomerangs, Bows, or Swords and Shields. Each Hyrulean Soldier has four Hearts.


  • In the ambiguously canon Ocarina of Time comic by the German Nintendo Power, Link's Father is one of the Hylian Soldiers who dies in the Hyrulean Civil War.
  • According to the official Ocarina of Time Nintendo Player's Guide, the amount of Guards patrolling Hyrule Castle was increased tenfold because of a prank pulled by some townsfolk.[70]
  • In Spirit Tracks, one of the new recruits finds the Recruit Uniform to be goofy.[71]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Soldier Guard Recruit
Japan Japanese 兵士 見張りの兵 (Mihari no Hei)
French-speaking countries French Soldat Garde Recrue
Federal Republic of Germany German Soldat Wache Rekrut
Italian Republic Italian Soldato Guardia Recluta
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Soldado Guardia Aprendiz


See Also


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