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Hylian Language Translations/Tri Force Heroes

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Tri Force Heroes features the same Hylian alphabet as A Link Between Worlds that translates directly into English.

Location Image Hylian English
Hytopia village entrance TFH Hytopia Entrance Sign.png ALBW OZ.svg ALBW FR.svg ALBW DG.svg ALBW EW.svg ALBW FR.svg Order
Street Merchant TFH Street Merchant Signs.png ALBW S.svg ALBW OZ.svg ALBW L.svg ALBW DG.svg
ALBW OZ.svg ALBW U.svg ALBW JT.svg
Sold Out
Hytopia's east shop TFH Hytopia East Sign.png ALBW DG.svg ALBW I.svg ALBW FR.svg ALBW JT.svg Gift
Hytopia's west shop TFH Hytopia West Sign.png ALBW FR.svg ALBW OZ.svg ALBW OZ.svg ALBW DG.svg Food
Den of Trials hub area TFH Stone Tablet Model.png ALBW DG.svg ALBW OZ.svg ALBW OZ.svg ALBW DG.svg
ALBW L.svg ALBW U.svg ALBW C.svg ALBW K.svg
(text is mirrored)
Good Luck
King Tuft's letter TFH King Tuft's Letter.png ALBW M.svg ALBW A.svg ALBW S.svg ALBW S.svg ALBW A.svg ALBW DG.svg ALBW EW.svg ALBW FR.svg ALBW FR.svg ALBW OZ.svg ALBW M.svg ALBW K.svg ALBW I.svg ALBW N.svg ALBW DG.svg Massage From King [sic]

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