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Hylian Language Translations/The Minish Cap

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The Minish Cap uses the alphabet that was introduced in The Wind Waker. This language is based on Japanese.

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The Minish Cap


Location Image Japanese Romaji English
Ezlo when turning Minish size Minish Portals.png ちいさくなれ Chīsaku Nare Shrink
Dungeon Map Dungeon Map TMC.png ……ジョンマ?ブ [sic] (ダンジョン マップ) -jon Ma?bu [sic] (Danjon Mappu) -geon Mab [sic] (Dungeon Map)
1.トラップ 多し
1. torappu ōshi
2. teki sukuname
3. yudan wa kinmotsu
1. Traps are numerous
2. Enemies are somewhat sparse
3. Carelessness is unconscionable
お宝2 Otakara 2 Treasure 2
ボス Bosu Boss
Izumi Fountain
行き止まり Ikidomari Dead end
お宝1 Otakara 1 Treasure 1
真の勇者に幸運を Shin no Yūsha ni Kōun wo Good luck to the true hero
Elemental Sanctuary stained glass window Zeldalightforce.jpg フォースは姫と共に国を照らす。 Fōsu wa Hime to Tomo ni Kuni wo Terasu. The force illuminates the country with the princess.

Library Books

Image Book # Japanese Romaji English
Library Shelf TMC.png Top Shelf
3-6 てつガく 1-4 Tetsugaku 1-4 Philosophy 1-4
7 ハイラルの れきし Hairaru no Rekishi History of Hyrule
8 & 9 こだいぶんめい の 1 & 2 Kodaibunmei no 1 & 2 Ancient Civilization 1 & 2
Middle Shelf
3 きのこ ずかん Kinoko Zukan Mushroom Encyclopedia
5 & 6 ほし の せかい 1 & 2 Hoshi no Sekai 1 & 2 The World of Stars 1 & 2
Bottom Shelf
1 まつりの しきたり Matsuri no Shikitari Festival Customs
2 おはな ずかん O-Hana Zukan Flower Encyclopedia
4 ふしぎの きのみ Fushigi no Kinomi Mysterious Seed
6 & 7 たらいとホース 1 & 2 Tarai to Hōsu 1 & 2 Tub and Hose 1 & 2
(This is the JP equivalent of "Triumph Forks")
8 ふしぎ の きのみ Fushigi no Kinomi Mysterious Seed
11 まつり の うた Matsuri no Uta Festival Songs

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