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Hylian Language Translations/Spirit Tracks

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Spirit Tracks uses the alphabet that was introduced in The Wind Waker. This language is based on Japanese.

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Spirit Tracks

Spirit Tracks uses the alphabet that was introduced in The Wind Waker.


Item Image Japanese Romaji English
Prize Postcard ST Prize Postcards Model.png
ポ○トマンTriforce piece.png Po__toman Po_tman
ST Prize Postcards Back Model.png



Ancient Gold Piece ST Ancient Gold Piece Model.png ハイラル銀行 Hairaru Ginkou Hyrule Bank

Castle Town

Location Image Japanese Romaji English
Cuccoo Pen Sign Cucco Sign.png 養鶏所 Yōkējo Chicken Farm

Stamp Book

Stamp Image Japanese Romaji English
Aboda Village Aboda Village Stamp.png モヨリ村 Moyori Mura Moyori Village ("Moyori" is the Japanese name for Aboda)
Castle Town Castle Town Stamp.png ハイラル 城下町 Hairaru Joukamichi Hyrule Castle Town
Whittleton Wittletown Village Stamp.png サクーヨ Sakūyo Sakūyo ("Sakūyo Village" is the Japanese name for Whittleton.)
Forest Sanctuary Forest Sanctuary Stamp.png 森の叢祠 Mori no Hokora Forest Sanctuary
Forest Temple Forest Temple Stamp.png 森の神殿 Mori no Shinden Forest Temple
Anouki Village Anouki Village Stamp.png ユキワロシの村 Yukiwaroshi no Mura Yukiwaroshi Village ("Yukiwaroshi" is the Japanese name for Anouki.)
Snow Sanctuary Snow Sanctuary Stamp.png 雪の叢祠 Yuki no Hokora Snow Sanctuary
Wellspring Station Wellspring Station Stamp.png テツオ Tetsuo Tetsuo ("Tetsuo" is the Japanese name for Ferrus.)
Snow Temple Snow Temple Stamp.png 雪の神殿 Yuki no Shinden Snow Temple
Trading Post Trading Post Stamp.png ラインバック 商会 Rainbakku Shoukai Linebeck Company
Papuchia Village Papuchia Village Stamp.png パプチア Papuchia Papuchia
Ocean Sanctuary Ocean Sanctuary Stamp.png 海の叢祠 Umi no Hokora Ocean Sanctuary
Ocean Temple Ocean Temple Stamp.png 海の神殿 Umi no Shinden Ocean Temple
Pirate Hideout Pirate Hideout Stamp.png アジト Ajito Hideout
Goron Village Goron Village Stamp.png ゴロンの村 Goron no Mura Goron Village
Fire Sanctuary Fire Sanctuary Stamp.png 火の叢祠 Hi no Hokora Fire Sanctuary
Fire Temple Fire Temple Stamp.png 火の神殿 Hi no Shinden Fire Temple
Sand Sanctuary Sand Sanctuary Stamp.png 砂の叢祠 Suna no Hokora Sand Sanctuary
Sand Temple Sand Temple Stamp.png 砂の神殿 Suna no Shinden Sand Temple
Tower of Spirits Tower of Spirits Stamp.png 神の塔 Kami no Tou Tower of Spirits

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