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Hylian Language Translations/Spirit Tracks

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Spirit Tracks uses the alphabet that was introduced in The Wind Waker. This language is based on Japanese.

Spirit Tracks

Spirit Tracks uses the alphabet that was introduced in The Wind Waker.


Item Image Hylian Japanese Romaji English
Prize Postcard ST Prize Postcards Model.png
PoToMaN ポ◯トマンTriforce piece.png Po◯toman Po◯tman
ST Prize Postcards Back Model.png

KeNShiYo SmallU



Royal Engineer's Certificate ST Royal Engineer's Certificate Model.png
(Text is mirrored)
KiKaNShiNi NiNMeIShiMaSu
ShiYoShiN WaSuReRuBeKaRaZu
機関士に 任命します
書信 忘れるべからず
ハイラル国王 ゼルダ
Anata o Hairaru ōkoku no
kikanshi ni ninmei shimasu
shoshin wasurerubekarazu
Hairaru kokuō Zeruda
I appoint thee as an engineer
of the Kingdom of Hyrule
Forget thee not this letter
Zelda, Queen of Hyrule
Beedle's Membership Cards ST Club Card Model.png
Membership Card
PoINTo ポイント Pointo Point
ST Silver Card.png
Silver Card
ShiRuBaChoonpu シルバー Shirubā Silver
ST Gold Card.png
Gold Card
GoChoonpuRuDo ゴールド Gōrudo Gold
ST Platinum Card.png
Platinum Card
PuRaChiNa プラチナ Purachina Platinu
ST Diamond Card.png
Diamond Card
DaIYaMoNDo ダイヤモンド Daiyamondo Diamond
ST Freebie Card.png
Freebie Card
MuRiYoU むりょう Muryou Free
ST Quintuple Points Card.png
Quintuple Points Card
5BaI 5倍 Go Bai Quintuple
Ancient Gold Piece ST Ancient Gold Piece Model.png HaIRaRu GiNKoU ハイラル銀行 Hairaru Ginkou Hyrule Bank

New Hyrule

Location Image Hylian Japanese Romaji English
Beedle's Air Shop ST Beedle's Air Shop Model.png TeRiChoonpu
Terī Shoppu Terry Shop
("Terry" is the Japanese name for Beedle)

Castle Town

Location Image Hylian Japanese Romaji English
Cucco Pen Sign ST Cucco Sign Model.png YoChoonpuKeChoonpuJiYo 養鶏所 Yōkējo Chicken Farm
Papers on Zelda's Desk ST Ending Zelda's Desk.png ZoBiWoHi SoNeNoMi ぞびをひそ?ねの?み Zo bi wo hi so ne no mi [Unclear]

Wellspring Station

Location Image Hylian Japanese Romaji English
Ferrus's House ST Ferrus's House.png TeTsuO テツオ Tetsuo Tetsuo
("Tetsuo" is the Japanese name for Ferrus)
Ferrus's Note ST Ferrus's Note.png GeKiShiYaATsuPu


Gekisha appu

Perfect Shot UP


Ocean Sanctuary

Location Image Hylian Japanese Romaji English
Carben's Sign ST Carben's Sign Model.png MiZuNoMaChi He
Mizu no machi e
Gone to Water Town

Sand Temple

Location Image Hylian Japanese Romaji English
Puzzle Sign ST Sand Temple Sign.png HiToTsuMeToMiTsuAIDaBaShiYo
Hitotsume to mitsu aida basho
Tobira no shirushi nemuran
Place between first and [third]
...The gate's seal sleeps

Stamp Book

Stamp Image Hylian Japanese Romaji English
Aboda Village ST Aboda Village Stamp.png MoYoRiMuRa モヨリ村 Moyori Mura Moyori Village
("Moyori" is the Japanese name for Aboda)
Castle Town ST Castle Town Stamp.png HaIRaRu JiYo SmallUKaMiChi ハイラル 城下町 Hairaru Joukamichi Hyrule Castle Town
Whittleton ST Whittleton Stamp.png SaKuChoonpuYo サクーヨ Sakūyo Sakūyo
("Sakūyo Village" is the Japanese name for Whittleton)
Forest Sanctuary ST Forest Sanctuary Stamp.png MoRiNoHoKoRa 森の叢祠 Mori no Hokora Forest Sanctuary
Forest Temple ST Forest Temple Stamp.png MoRiNoShiNDeN 森の神殿 Mori no Shinden Forest Temple
Anouki Village ST Anouki Village Stamp.png YuKiWaRoShiNoMuRa ユキワロシの村 Yukiwaroshi no Mura Yukiwaroshi Village
("Yukiwaroshi" is the Japanese name for Anouki)
Snow Sanctuary ST Snow Sanctuary Stamp.png YuKiNoHoKoRa 雪の叢祠 Yuki no Hokora Snow Sanctuary
Wellspring Station ST Wellspring Station Stamp.png TeTsuO テツオ Tetsuo Tetsuo
("Tetsuo" is the Japanese name for Ferrus)
Snow Temple ST Snow Temple Stamp.png YuKiNo ShiNDeN 雪の神殿 Yuki no Shinden Snow Temple
Trading Post ST Trading Post Stamp.png RaINBaTsuKu
Rainbakku Shoukai Linebeck Company
Papuchia Village ST Papuchia Village Stamp.png PaPuChiA パプチア Papuchia Papuchia
Ocean Sanctuary ST Ocean Sanctuary Stamp.png UMiNoHoKoRa 海の叢祠 Umi no Hokora Ocean Sanctuary
Ocean Temple ST Ocean Temple Stamp.png UMiNoShiNDeN 海の神殿 Umi no Shinden Ocean Temple
Pirate Hideout ST Pirate Hideout Stamp.png AJiTo アジト Ajito Hideout
Goron Village ST Goron Village Stamp.png GoRoNNoMuRa ゴロンの村 Goron no Mura Goron Village
Fire Sanctuary ST Fire Sanctuary Stamp.png HiNoHoKoRa 火の叢祠 Hi no Hokora Fire Sanctuary
Fire Temple ST Fire Temple Stamp.png HiNoShiNDeN 火の神殿 Hi no Shinden Fire Temple
Sand Sanctuary ST Sand Sanctuary Stamp.png SuNaNoHoKoRa 砂の叢祠 Suna no Hokora Sand Sanctuary
Sand Temple ST Sand Temple Stamp.png SuNaNoShiNDeN 砂の神殿 Suna no Shinden Sand Temple
Tower of Spirits ST Tower of Spirits Stamp.png
(Text is duplicated and flipped)
KaMiNoToU 神の塔 Kami no Tou Tower of Spirits

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