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Hylian Language Translations/Phantom Hourglass

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Phantom Hourglass uses the alphabet that was introduced in The Wind Waker. This language is based on Japanese.

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Phantom Hourglass


Item/Location Image Japanese Romaji English
Ship Part Parchment (Beedle's Ship) Ship Part Parchment.png 船のパーツについて
Fune no Pātsu ni Tsuite About the Ship Parts
Honsho ha Fune no Buhin no Shoyū wo Mitomeru Mono de Aru. Mata Sono Koukan to Baibai mo Mitomeru! This paper allows possession of Ship Parts. This also allows exchanges and deals of them!
(Square on the lower right, written vertically)
Hairia Sempaku Hylia Shipping
Sold Out Sign (Beedle's Ship) PHST Sold Out.png 売り切れ Urikire Out of Stock
Zauz's chart トライフォースの形示せ Toraifōsu no Katashimase Example shape of the Triforce
ここからスタート Koko kara Sutāto Start from here

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