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Hylian Language Translations/Ocarina of Time

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Ocarina of Time featured the first proper Hylian alphabet. This language is based on Japanese.

* = Confirmation required

Ocarina of Time

Common text

Location Image Hiragana (Japanese) Katakana/Kanji (Japanese) English
Arrow signs across Hyrule Screenshot (153).png まくひりめつせ 幕張メッセ Makuhari Messe (the place where the N64 was unveiled to the public)
Rectangular signs across Hyrule OOTSign.png にんてんとう 任天堂 Nintendo, flipped and mirrored four times
Lon Lon milk Bottles MM BottleMilk.png ろん ろん みるく ロン ロん ミルク Lon Lon Milk
Deku Seed bullet bag Deku Seed Bag.png てく


Location Image Hiragana (Japanese) Katakana (Japanese) English
Bombchu Bowling Alley sign ほりんくほむちう ボムチュウボウリング Bombchu Bowling
Bombchu Bowling Alley Jukebox りちんりん リチンリン ???

Temple of Time

Location Image Hylian Japanese English Style
Altar Temple of Time 64-1.png (mirrored) たちつてとなにぬねのはひふへほ
(mirrored) タチツテトナニヌネニノハヒフヘホ
ta chi tsu te to na ni nu ne no ha hi fu he ho
he ho ta chi tsu te to na ni nu ne no ha hi fu
Part of the gojūon table.
Carpeting Temple of Time 64-2.png - - - -


Location Image Hylian Japanese English
Kakariko Village sign かかりこむら カカリコ村 Kakariko Village
(This signs welcomes visitors as they enter Kakariko)
Kakariko Graveyard Sign Ootgraveyard.jpg うえるかむ かかりこれいん ウェルカム カカリコレイン Welcome Kakariko Rain/Lane
(The Text on this sign is reversed and repeated
on the banner below the main sign. It is unclear
what the sign is meant to say. It may well be an
example of Engrish
In the Royal Family's Tomb
Redead Grave
Hylian Shield Grave
Dampé's Grave
Royalfamilytomb.png あいうえおかきくけこさしすせそ
a i u e o ka ki ku ke ko sa shi su se so
ma mi mu me mo ya yu yo ra ri ru re ro wa wo
(Written on the walls and doors of the tombs; this
text is part of the gojūon or 50 sound table of
Japanese "alphabetic" ordering

Lon Lon Ranch

Location Image Hylian Japanese English
Lon Lon Ranch LonlonRanchandInn.PNG ろん ろん ほくしよう ロンロン牧場 Lon Lon Ranch
やとや 宿屋 Inn
Milk Crates ろん ろん ロンロン Lon Lon (mirrored)
Malon's Dress OoT Malon Artwork.png ろん ロン Lon (repeated)
Adult Malon's Apron Malonadult.png にめ めに あ あ あ あ ちうまうな*

Forest Temple

Location Image Hylian Japanese English
Boss Chamber floor とらいふおうす トライフォース Triforce

Official Artwork

Location Image Hylian Japanese English
Dungeon Map Dungeon Map.png にんてんとう ほんしや 任天堂本社 Nintendo Head Office
Prescription OoT Prescription Render.png とりあえすあなたにとつて
For the time being,
the most important thing
is to believe. Hold deep
within your heart the notion
that you will get better.

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