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Community:Hylian Language Project

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The Hylian Language Project card sporting the Hylian text "Hylian Urerinaku" meaning "Hylian Language".

The Hylian Language Project is an extensive, ongoing language project created by Sarinilli. It consists of everything a language needs to function: vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and two adapted alphabets based on the official Hylian alphabets from Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time. In time, it will be fully usable in text and speech.


Quote1.png The Hylian Language Project is an extension and remastering of the OLD Hylian Language work I had on my old old old site, Hyrule Realm. It was started back within the year, if not just a few months after the release of the original Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64, and for quite a while was a private undertaking. It's been my brain child ever since, so to speak. In 2002 I first put my language work online. Back in the old days of Hyrule Realm, my dictionary had gotten very close to 2000 words, and this was years ago... the problem was that I never implemented the grammatical structure, sentences structure or many other needed rules back then and focused more on vocabulary alone. That, I realize now, was a mistake. Due to attempting to rush work a whole language in the past, I now have a LOT of reworking to do in order to correct my past errors, so that the old dictionary conforms properly to the grammar rules. Quote2.png
— Sarinilli

Language Lessons

The up to date Hylian language lessons can currently be found on "Deviantart".

Current Lessons Available

Upcoming Lessons

  • Lesson 4 - Time 2 - How to tell time, translating Hyrulian time to Earth time
  • Lesson 5 - Basic Punctuation - How to use punctuation in a sentence
  • Lesson 6 - Names & Places - Rules on spelling names

Mini Vocabulary Lessons

Mini Grammar Lessons

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