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Hylian Crest

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Not to be confused with the Wingcrest.
The Hylian symbol.

The Hylian Crest is one of the two stylised successors of the Goddess Crest used within the same land during the Era of the Goddess Hylia,[1] the other being the Wingcrest used to represent the Royal Family of Hyrule.

It is a common depiction of an archaic bird, usually beneath the Triforce. It can be seen on the Hylian Shield and in buildings such as Hyrule Castle and Temple of Time. This crest is mostly used to represent Hyrule and the Hylian race as a whole.


The Hylian crest on the Hylian Shield
A winged figure on the Red Shield

The depiction of a winged figure below the Triforce first appears in A Link to the Past, where the design of Link's shield features an avian design below the Triforce. Another avian figure guards the doorway of the Sanctuary as well. A similar winged figure can also be seen on the Hero's Shield in The Wind Waker.

The familiar red avian crest first appears in Ocarina of Time, on the Hylian Shield. As the shield was used by the Knights of Hyrule,[2] it is possible that the bird or dragon may symbolize devotion to the Royal Family or to the Hylian people. The winged figure also seems to grasp a piece of the Triforce in its talons or claws, perhaps signifying dedication to the protection of the Sacred Realm or the realm of Hyrule. This same design appears on many versions of Princess Zelda's dress.

In Skyward Sword, the origin of the Hylian Crest is revealed; the outline originally coming from the Goddess Crest, and the common red coloring being derived from the Crimson Loftwing.

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  2. "This is a big, heavy shield just like the ones Hylian Knights use. It can stand up to flame attacks!" — Bazaar owner (Ocarina of Time)