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Hungry Girl

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Hungry Girl
TWoG Hungry Girl Cutscene Sprite.png
Gender Female
Voice Actor(s) Natalie Brown

The Hungry Girl is a character in The Wand of Gamelon. She is a young woman living in Kobitan, Gamelon.


The Hungry Girl lives in a locked house in Kobitan. She is the town's lone inhabitant, presumably because the Moblins have chased out the rest of the population. She complains that the Moblins have eaten everything in town, and desires to have an Arpagos Egg.[1] Zelda brings her one from the tower behind Mayor Cravendish's house in Sakado, which the Hungry Girl cracks over a frying pan, stating that it would make a great omelette. She gives Zelda the Flute in return.


  1. "Those darned Moblin have eaten everything. I'd give anything for an Arpagos Egg." — Hungry Girl (The Wand of Gamelon)