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Huge Maku Seed

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Huge Maku Seed
Oracle Of Ages - Huke Maku Seed.png
Link receiving the Huge Maku Seed in Oracle of Ages
Use(s) Access the final boss' lair
Comparable Item(s) Triforce of Wisdom, Fused Shadow and Mirror of Twilight
Maku seed as seen in Oracle of Ages
Maku seed as seen in Oracle of Seasons

The Huge Maku Seed is a sacred item obtained from the Maku Tree after acquiring all eight Essences of Time in Oracle of Ages, or Nature in Oracle of Seasons. It has the power to dispel evil. When Link holds the Huge Maku Seed, he is able to penetrate and walk through the otherwise impassable dark mist surrounding the entrance to the final boss' lair (Black Tower in Oracle of Ages, Onox's Castle in Oracle of Seasons).

Although the shape of the seeds are identical, the Seasons Maku Tree gives Link a blue and pink seed, while the Ages Maku Tree offers a green and yellow seed. This could be a possible explanation as to why even though other items can be carried over from one game to another, neither Huge Maku Seed negates the darkness surrounding both Black Tower and Onox's Castle. It's also plausible that the Huge Maku Seed is somehow "used up" after it negates the darkness once.

It is the item his entire quest up to this point has been centering around, the relic he needs to face the final boss (Veran in Oracle of Ages, General Onox in Oracle of Seasons), and a treasure made of many parts recovered from different dungeons. As such, the Huge Maku Seed is akin to the Triforce of Wisdom in the original Zelda, or the Fused Shadow and Mirror of Twilight in Twilight Princess.

Quote1.png An evil-cleansing sacred seed. Quote2.png
— Inventory description


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マカの実 (Maka no Mi) Maka Nut
French Republic FrenchEU Graine Bojo
Federal Republic of Germany German Maku-Kern
Italian Republic Italian Seme Maku
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Semillia Maku
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