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House of Gales

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House of Gales
The interior of the House of Gales
Location(s) Lake Hylia
Game(s) A Link Between Worlds
Mini-boss(es) Heedles
Boss(es) Margomill
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The House of Gales is a Dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. It is one of the earlier Dungeons located in Hyrule. The Zora's Flippers and Tornado Rod are required to access it, and its Boss is Margomill.

Entrance to the Dungeon

The House of Gales (along with the Tower of Hera) can be accessed after completing the first Dungeon, Eastern Palace. The Dungeon is found in the center of Lake Hylia in southeastern Hyrule. To enter it Link needs the Zora's Flippers, obtained from Oren after returning the stolen Smooth Gem; and the Tornado Rod, which can be rented from Ravio's Shop for 20 Rupees.

Themes and Navigation

Link travels to the House of Gales in order to acquire the Pendant of Wisdom. A number of new enemies are encountered inside, such as Bubbles, Bari and Heedles, the latter being the Dungeon's Sub-Boss. Navigating the House of Gales requires extensive use of the Tornado Rod. It must be used to hover onto moving platforms and travel on wind currents created by fans. These must be activated by hitting stepping on Floor Switches or striking Shock Switches with the Bow, Boomerang, Hookshot or Bombs. The fans are used to ascend floors and to hover across gaps. However, they can be dangerous as some lead to pitfalls. The House of Gales also contains a few Fire hazards – the first of the game. They can be extinguished using the Tornado Rod or the Ice Rod.

The Boss of the Dungeon, Margomill, is fought on a platform surrounded by a large pit. Link must use the Tornado Rod and his Sword to defeat it. Afterwards, he acquires a Heart Container and the Pendant of Wisdom.

The Compass is in the western room of the first floor. It can be accessed by Wall Merging onto the vertically moving red block and then emerging on the northernmost platform that it reaches. The Big Key can be found on the southeastern outer wall of the Dungeon, accessed by dropping down from the southern central platform on the second floor. The Chest will appear after activating the Pull Lever on the far right.

Minor Enemies and Traps



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 風の館 (Kaze no Yakata) House of Winds
Canada FrenchCA Maison des Bourrasques House of Gusts
French Republic FrenchEU Demeure des Vents House of Winds
Federal Republic of Germany German Haus des Windes House of the Winds
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Mansión de la Tempestad Tempest Manor


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