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Horned Statue

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Not to be confused with Horned Statuettes.
Horned Statue
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The Horned Statue is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


The Horned Statue is found along the path to Firly Pond in Hateno Village. Link can speak to Teebo to be guided to the Horned Statue's direct location,[2] though Teebo has no knowledge of what the Statue is meant for.[3] If Link prays to the Horned Statue, he will speak to him, promising wealth to anyone who can hear his voice.[4][5] The Horned Statue will explain that he was once a person who made bargains by trading people's essences. The Goddess, Hylia, disapproved of his heinous dealings and smote him by trapping him inside the Horned Statue. He continues, saying that the people of Hateno Village have since abandoned him.[6] Despite this, the spirit of the Horned Statue remained headstrong and chose to bide his time waiting for another person to make a deal with him.[7]

The Horned Statue then steals a portion of Link's power, either in the form of a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel.[8] This initiates the Side Quest "The Statue's Bargain", tasking Link with the responsibility of getting back his stolen essence.[1] In speaking to the Horned Statue once again, he assures Link that he hopes that they can share a long business relationship and offers to return the stolen essence in either the form of a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel for free.[9]

Afterwards, the Horned Statue offers to exchange Link's essences for 100 Rupees per essence, which can then be sold back to him for 120 Rupees.[10][11] This effectively serves as a 20 Rupee charge to reposition the upgrades to his Health or Stamina that he has obtained from Goddess Statues.

If Link attempts to sell his Health or Stamina beyond the default limitation, the Horned Statue will reject his request.[12][13] Additionally, if Link tries to speak to the Horned Statue before he has received any blessings from Hylia, the Horned Statue will turn him away, instructing him to return with something to trade.[14]


  • In the German and Latin American Spanish versions, he says that he is a deity of life and strength.[15][16]


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