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Hippo Model

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Hippo Model
LADX Hippo Model Sprite.png
Race Hippo[1]
Gender Female[citation needed]
Era Era of Light and Dark

The Hippo Model is a character in Link's Awakening.[1]


The Hippo Model can be found in Schule Donavitch’s studio in the Animal Village, where she is posing for his painting.[2] When Link walks inside, she immediately sits down and annoyedly asks him to leave when spoken to.[3][4][5]


The Hippo Model in the Japanese (top) and American (bottom) versions of the game
  • In the Japanese and original German and French versions of the game, the Hippo Model is actually posing nude. She has a towel covering the lower half of her body, and what appears to be exposed breasts on her upper body. When Link walks in, she quickly pulls her towel up and covers herself. Nintendo of America deemed this as too inappropriate for American audiences, and as a result, removed her breasts and towel. This censorship was also carried over in the German and French versions of Link's Awakening DX.



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