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Hinox Brothers

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Hinox Brothers
TFH Unnamed Boss 2.png
Hinox the Elder and Hinox the Eldest in
Hinox Mine
Dungeon(s)Hinox Mine
Bomb Storage

The Hinox Brothers are the trio of bosses of Hinox Mine and Bomb Storage in Tri Force Heroes.[1] They are a trio of Hinox siblings dressed in overalls and wearing helmets. Like the rest of their species, they throw Bombs as their method of attack. The yellow Hinox is named Lil' Hinox,[1] the green Hinox is named Hinox the Elder,[2] and the red Hinox is named Hinox the Eldest.[3]


Hinox Mine

In Hinox Mine, only two of the brothers are fought, though the Links initially face one. The Hinox Brothers are battled on moving mine carts that circle around the boss Stage. The first brother will throw Bombs at the Links whenever their mine carts come close. To fight the brother, the Links must grab the Bombs he throws over and throw them back into his mine cart, so that they will explode and damage him. The Hinox can be stunned momentarily with the Boomerang. Arrows shot from the Bow will also damage him, although the damage is significantly lesser than the Bombs. Hearts on the ledges can be collected with the Boomerang, along with Rupees. After the first Hinox takes enough damage, he will reappear with one of his brothers, each riding a mine cart. Both will throw Bombs at the Links. The pair are fought in the same manner as before. After one Hinox is defeated, he will fall to his knees and stop throwing Bombs, allowing the Links to focus their efforts on the one that remains.

Bomb Storage

In Bomb Storage, the Links face all three brothers, but initially face two. The brothers appear from balconies on the other side of a gap and throw Bombs at the Links. As the gap is too wide for the Links to throw their Bombs at the two brothers, the Links must instead use the Gust Jar to blow the Hinoxes' Bombs back onto their balconies and damage them. After both Hinoxes are defeated, the doors to their balconies will close, and another will open, revealing the third brother.

The third Hinox Brother will rotate between the room's four balconies. He throws giant Bombs at the Links capable of huge explosions, which inflict heavy damage if the Links are unlucky enough to be caught in one. He then laughs for a few seconds before his door closes, and reappears on another balcony. The Bombs are too heavy for the Gust Jar to blow back; instead, one of the Links must place a smaller Bomb onto the floor for another Link to propel it into the Hinox's balcony using the Gust Jar. As the battle progresses, extra doors will open to empty balconies in an attempt to trick the Links. Hardhat Beetles will also appear on the Links' platform to try to push them off, though these can be defeated for Hearts and Rupees. As the Hinox takes more damage, he will increase his speed and more doors will start to open at once. After taking enough hits, the final Hinox Brother will be defeated.



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