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Hino is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Hino is an inhabitant of Hyrule who can be found near the Dueling Peaks Stable. When approached, he reveals to Link that he has thoroughly researched the event known as Blood Moon.[2] Should Link reveal that he knows nothing about the Blood Moon, Hino will tell him that in some nights, the moon rises blood-red and, at midnight, revives all monsters that have been defeated thus far.[3] However, he admits that he has no idea why this is happening.[4] He tells Link to come back and tell him should Link find any information on what exactly causes the Blood Moon to rise.[5] Unfortunately, it is not possible for Link to do this, even if the very first Blood Moon has already happened before Link first meets Hino.

If Link turns up at Dueling Peaks Stable during a Blood Moon, he will witness Hino running around,[6] utterly deranged.[7] If Link talks to him during the Blood Moon, Link may see Hino growling,[8] basking in the color of the moon,[9] claiming that his blood is boiling,[10] and reveling in the revival of the Monsters.[11]

In addition to information on the Blood Moon, choosing the option "Tonight's moon?" will prompt Hino to tell Link what phase the Moon will be in that night, with some commentary. This can also be used to get some advance warning that the coming night will be a Blood Moon, as he has a unique line about that as well before the Moon becomes visible in that area.[12][13]


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JapanJapaneseγƒ’γƒŠγƒγ‚¬γƒ³ (Hinabagan)
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