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Hibiscus Potion

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Hibiscus Potion
CoH Hibiscus Potion Sprite.png
Location(s) Kakariko Crypt
Use(s) Awakening Link or Zelda[1]

The Hibiscus Potion is an item in Cadence of Hyrule.[name reference missing]

Location and Uses

The Hibiscus Potion is a Potion that can awaken sleeping people.[1] If Cadence enters either Link or Zelda's Portals, the other hero will be found sleeping in a house at the north end of Kakariko Village.[2][3] The Hibiscus Potion is found inside the Kakariko Crypt, guarded by a Shadow counterpart of the dreamer. If Cadence enters Link's Portal, Shadow Zelda must be fought; if Cadence enters Zelda's Portal, Shadow Link must be fought instead. The Hibiscus Potion can be claimed upon their defeat and can then taken to the dreamer in Kakariko Village in order to awaken them.[4]

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