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Hestu is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


When Link encounters a Korok, it believes it has been found by Hestu before realizing that Link is not Hestu.[3] The Korok will then give Link a Korok Seed, asking him to return it to Hestu.[1]

Upon finding Hestu, the Korok will be surprised that Link can see him,[4] saying that the last time anyone was able to see him was 100 years ago.[5] Hestu introduces himself and asks Link for assistance.[6] Link will discover that his Maracas were stolen from him by a group of monsters.[7]Hestu explains that he is powerless without them,[8] and so asks Link to retrieve them in his stead.[9] This dialogue will trigger the Side Quest "The Priceless Maracas", in which Link will have to retrieve his Maracas from a chest in a nearby Monster Stronghold. If spoken to again, Hestu will ask if he completed the task and hopes the monsters have not been using them.[10]

Once Link returns his Maracas to him, Hestu is overcome with joy and asks for them back.[11] Once Link returns them, Hestu can tell something is wrong and realizes that the Korok Seeds inside the Maracas are gone.[12] Hestu will then explain that if he had even one Korok Seed, he would be able to sing, dance and use his powers to expand Link's Inventory.[13] Hestu can upgrade Link's Weapon Stash, Bow Stash, or Shield Stash. Hestu realizes that the other Koroks must have taken the Seeds and is surprised to find that he was the target of such a prank.[14]

If Link has Korok seeds with him, Hestu can smell them out.[15] For the first expansion of Link's inventory, Hestu asks for a single Korok Seed.[16] Should Link refuse, Hestu will respond with a dejected sound.[17] Once Link agrees to the trade, Hestu will ask which Stash he would like to upgrade.[18] Every time Hestu upgrades a Stash, he will sing the tune that plays with it.[19]

Hestu will only allow Link to upgrade a couple times before announcing that he needs to get back to Korok Forest.[20] Hestu will wait to thank Link and see him off,[21] but Link can talk to him to learn more about the Koroks. If asked about the Korok Forest, he will try to give directions based on what the Great Deku Tree told him.[22] Asking about Hestu himself will have him reintroduce himself and state that he is the most celebrated musician in the Korok Forest.[23] Should Link ask about Korok Seeds, Hestu will hesitate in his explanation before giving an excuse to not continue, saying his voice is blown out.[24]

Hestu will then go on his way. However, he gets very lost and can be found facing Wahgo Katta Shrine north of Riverside Stable, behind the Wetland Stable, or in front of the Woodland Stable.[25] He allows Link to get several more upgrades before remembering the way back to Korok Forest and leaving again.[26][27]


Hestu's name is derived from a contraction of chestnut.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
FranceFrenchEUNoΓ―aFrom noix (nut).
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