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Hero of Men

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Hero of Men
Bound Chest War 4.png
The Hero of Men as seen during the introduction of The Minish Cap.

The Hero of Men is the name associated with a great hero spoken of in the legends of the Picori Blade and the mythical Light Force in the land of Hyrule during the Force Era.[1] He was the first owner of those two special gifts given to him by the Minish to assist him in his efforts to battle the many evil creatures plaguing the land of Hyrule long in its past.


See also: War of the Bound Chest

Long, long ago in the land of Hyrule, during its early development after the Era of Prosperity, the day came when many powerful beasts suddenly appeared and began to lay siege to the kingdom. Just when Hyrule was in the verge of destruction,[2] the Picori came from the sky and gave the Hero of Men a magical sword and a golden light.[3] Using these tools, the Hero of Men successfully defeated the monsters and drove darkness away from Hyrule.[4] The young hero then sealed the enchanted chest with the Picori Blade itself, locking all the realm's evil away within the confines of the chest and bringing calm to the kingdom. This young man became a celebrated and revered hero amongst Hyrule's populace, and his status became one that would be immortalized in Hylian lore, eventually earning him the title of the "Hero of Men".


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 人間の勇者 (Ningen no Yūsha) Same as English.



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