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Hero Mode

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Hero Mode
TWWHD Hero Mode Screen.jpg
Hero Mode from The Wind Waker HD
Game(s) Skyward Sword
The Wind Waker HD
A Link Between Worlds
Twilight Princess HD
Other media Hyrule Warriors
Feature(s)Increased difficulty

Hero Mode is a recurring mode in The Legend of Zelda series. It serves as a type of Second Quest, normally unable to be accessed until after completing the game normally.


Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, Hero Mode can be unlocked after completing the main quest.[1] In this mode, enemies deal double damage and Hearts and Heart Flowers only appear when Link is holding the Heart Medal, so Link must rely on Potions to recover his health.[2] In addition, actions such as rolling, performing a Spin Attack, or doing a Spiral Charge underwater will consume larger portions of the Stamina and Air Gauges. Furthermore, Link has access to all the hints the Sheikah Stones have to offer at the beginning of his journey.[3] Demise can also be fought in the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round. Finally, the Skyward Strike keeps its powered-up form, and when strengthened again, the charge time is eliminated.

The Wind Waker HD

In The Wind Waker HD, Hero Mode is available upon the creation of a new save file. Hearts do not appear in Hero Mode, forcing Link to use Potions and Fairies to regain health.[4] In addition, enemies deal double damage.[5] Hero Mode can be activated or deactivated at any point through the file selection screen.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, Hero Mode is unlocked after completing the main quest. In Hero Mode, enemies deal four times more damage. Unlike previous games, Hearts appear normally without any requirements. Additionally, Ravio's Journal can be found inside the Vacant House.

Twilight Princess HD

In Twilight Princess HD, Hero Mode is available at the beginning of the game. Unlike The Wind Waker HD, a menu pops up at the creation of a new save file giving the choice of Normal or Hero Mode. Once Hero Mode is selected, it cannot be turned off. In this mode, Hearts will not appear and Link takes double damage from enemies and bosses. Similarly to the Wii version of Twilight Princess, the entire map is flipped horizontally.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, Hero Mode appears as a difficulty setting for Scenarios in Legend Mode. It is unlocked after completing the original Scenarios in any other difficulty. In higher difficulties, enemies deal more damage and have increased defenses. Bonuses are also given by clearing Legend Mode Scenarios in a higher difficulty, such as an increase in Rupees gained. The Hard Mode Gold Skulltulas, also unlocked after completing the original Scenarios, can only be found by playing through the Scenarios in either Hard or Hero Mode difficulty in addition to fulfilling their other requirements.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Canada FrenchCA Mode héroïque (SS)
Mode Héroïque (ALBW)
Heroic mode
Heroic Mode
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Partida héroe Triforce piece.png (SS)
Modo Héroe Triforce piece.png (SS)
Modo Héroe (ALBW)
Hero game
Hero Mode
Hero Mode


Video Gallery

The Wind Waker HD Hero Mode trailer

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