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Hermit Flat

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Hermit Flat
Hermit Flat 01.png
Main Appearance(s)

Hermit Flat is a location in The Faces of Evil. It is unlocked after completing Lupay.

Features and Overview

The Hermit Flat is located within a murky and dry wasteland in central Koridai. It is the home of Gwonam the wizard, who lives in a small cave at the end. Link enters the area from the wasteland's tar pits, inhabited by Zolas. Along the way he also fights Moblin Spearthrowers and Arpagos. At the very end of the pit is Gwonam's cave, where the wizard has been waiting for Link. He praises Link for finding his house and uses the Crystal of Vision that Link found to craft the Lantern of Vision, telling him that it will aid him in seeing the invisible Sancromies that swarm Ganon's Lair. A Triforce Map in the cave exits the stage.

Minor Enemies and Traps