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BotW Heehl Model.png
Race Goron
Family Bayge (brother)
Kabetta (brother)
Unnamed grandfather[1]

Heehl is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Heehl is one of the Goron Blood Brothers, consisting of him and his brothers Bayge and Kabetta. Heehl, along with his brothers, is passionate about training in difficult feats of strength and endurance. He lives with the rest of his brothers in a house in southern Goron City, which is now abandoned and left with a sign saying they have gone to the Gut Check Rock to train.[3]

Heehl is involved in the "Test of Will" Shrine Quest at Mount Nabooru in the Gerudo Highlands. Heehl and the other Goron Blood Brothers have traveled to their ancestral training ground to train themselves to withstand the heat in Goron City.[4][5] Heehl and the others challenge Link to join them by sitting in a ring of fire to see who can withstand the longest. Heehl is the second Goron to collapse before Link is declared the winner. The brothers then challenge him to a harder contest by standing on an even hotter platform. Beating both of their contests reveals the Joloo Nah Shrine.

Heehl also appears at the base of the Gut Check Rock in northern Eldin Canyon, standing next to one of the Updrafts near the main gateway. After completing Bayge's Gut Check Challenge, he commends Link on his impressive success.[6]


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