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Salamanders aLBW.png
Habitat(s)House of Gales
Effective Weapon(s)Tornado Rod, Sword

The Heedles are a pair of flaming salamanders that are encountered in the House of Gales in A Link Between Worlds.


The Heedles are a mini-boss that Link encounters in the House of Gales. The Heeldes appear as giant, flaming salamanders, slightly resembling two large Helmasaurs. They can be stunned with a gust of wind with the Tornado Rod; their flames will be extinguished and will run around frantically until they relight.


To defeat the Heedles, Link will have to first extinguish their flames with a gust of wind, leaving them vulnerable for attack. Link then has the opportunity to attack them until defeated. After their defeat, the doors will reopen, and a circle of green light will appear that will transport Link to the entrance of the dungeon and vice versa.

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Japan Japanese ヒーダル (Hīdaru)
The Legend of ZeldaThe Adventure of LinkA Link to the PastLink's AwakeningOcarina of TimeMajora's MaskOracle of AgesOracle of SeasonsFour SwordsThe Wind WakerFour Swords AdventuresThe Minish CapTwilight PrincessPhantom HourglassSpirit TracksSkyward SwordA Link Between WorldsTri Force HeroesBreath of the Wild
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