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BotW Harth Model.png
Bow Craftsman
Race Rito
Gender Male
Family Molli (daughter)[1]

Harth is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Harth is Rito Village's Bow craftsman.[3] He is able to craft quality bows for the Rito warriors in the village, including the Great Eagle Bow, the signature Bow once used by the Rito Champion, Revali.

Harth is found at his home holding his hurt arm, claiming that the Divine Beast Vah Medoh had attacked him while he was assisting Teba. Despite Link's concern, he tells him that it is not his business or place to worry about and stays in his home to recover.

After Medoh has been freed from Ganon's corruption, Harth is willing to do Link the service of crafting him a new Great Eagle Bow, should he ever lose or break the one he receives from the Rito Elder, Kaneli. If needed, Harth will ask Link to bring him a Swallow Bow, 5 bundles of Wood and a Diamond in order to craft a new one.


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