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Mido Town

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Mido Town
TAoL Mido Town Overworld.png
Mido in The Adventure of Link

Mido Town, commonly known simply as Mido is a town located in Western Hyrule in The Adventure of Link. It is found very near to the Port and is known as the "Harbor Town".


The town is located in a desert just north of the King's Tomb, and near the Port which is the gateway to Eastern Hyrule. The Hammer must be obtained in order to clear the rocks that obstruct the path to the town of Mido, otherwise Link must travel the long path through Death Mountain to get there.

Inside Mido's church lives a powerful Swordsman who teaches Link the Downward Thrust move. However, the main door is locked from the inside, so Link uses the Jump Spell to reach the church tower and enters through its open door. The swordsman at the end of the basement passes on Link's new skill upon talking to him.[1]

An elderly woman also approaches Link and asks for his help in saving her sick daughter.[2] The Water of Life, which is needed to recuperate the health of the mother's child, is found in a cave in Moruge Swamp blocked by a boulder. After returning the medicine to the old woman, she rewards Link by allowing him inside her house and letting the young hero meet an Old Man,[3] who teaches him the Fairy magic in return.[4]



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ミドの町 (Mido no Machi)
ミナトマチミド (Minato Machi Mido)Triforce piece.png
Mido Town
Harbor Town Mido
French-speaking countries French Ville de Mido
Federal Republic of Germany German Stadt Mido



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  2. "PLEASE. MY DAUGHTER IS SICK. HELP HER!" — Old Woman (The Adventure of Link)
  3. "THE WATER OF LIFE! QUICK COME WITH ME." — Old Woman (The Adventure of Link)
  4. "THIS MAGIC WORD WILL GIVE YOU POWER." — Old Man (The Adventure of Link)
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