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Happy Hearth Inn

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Happy Hearth Inn
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The Happy Hearth Inn is located in the eastern area of Hyrule Town in The Minish Cap. The inn opens when Link completes the Cave of Flames. It serves as an area where Link can stop off and heal all his hearts by sleeping, very much like his house, except Link will receive a gift for staying at the inn,[1] which is always a Kinstone.

Emma, the Inn clerk, allows Link to choose which room to stay in, so as long as he pays first.[2] The three rooms vary in size and price, as well as Kinstone gift. If Link stays in the cheap room (50 Rupees),[3] he will receive a green Kinstone; in the regular room (200 Rupees),[4] a blue one; and in the luxury room (400 Rupees),[5] a red one.

This building is also where Nayru, Din and Farore can be found. By fusing Kinstones with them, their sidequest can be started, which involves finding two of the three sisters a house. As only two houses are available, one sister will be left at the inn.

There is also a treasure chest on the balcony of the second floor of the inn. This is accessible once Link has completed the Temple of Droplets, as the door can only be unlocked by lighting the two torches with the Flame Lantern. The chest contains 200 Rupees.

In the Inn, Link can fuse Kinstones with the Inn clerk, Emma, and the two residents, Bindle (standing on the bottom floor) and Satchel (sitting on a chair on the second floor). He can also fuse Kinstones with Joel, Zill, Lolly, and Candy, who are sometimes found here.

Happy Hearth Inn (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Happy Hearth Inn Figurine Sprite.png
Happy Hearth Inn
This generous inn gives a gift to every guest who stays the night. Guests can unwind in the lobby on the second floor.



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