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The Handprint as seen in the book
Other appearance(s)
Frees Link from the Crystal when used with the Magnifying Glass and the Magic Honey

The Handprint is an item featured in The Crystal Trap. Located in the Dark Tower, it is one of the three items required to free Link from the Crystal as dictated by the Fairy's Scroll.

Princess Zelda can only obtain the Handprint if she decides to go into the town square of Town of Ruto instead of heading off to the Beekeeper's Hut. After defeating a Darknut at the entrance of the tower, Zelda climbs a set of stairs and comes out at the very top of the spire to find herself above Ruto Town.[1] The princess begins to think that the Darknut was there for a reason, and that it must have been guarding something important.[2] Just then, she sees a Handprint pressed into the stone near the battlement. Realizing that it's Ganon's mark, she thinks of the riddle in the Fairy's Scroll and figures out that Ganon's touch is the coldest thing in the world.[3] Using her dagger, Zelda makes the handprint come free from the floor and stores it into her pouch.[4]

Once Zelda reaches the room where Link is imprisoned, she will notice that part of the crystal is shaped like Ganon's handprint.[5] After she places the stone handprint over the raised mark of the crystal and proceeds to use the Magic Honey and the Magnifying Glass, the crystal will open up and free Link.[6]

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