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TFoE Hamsha Cutscene Sprite.png
Main appearance(s)

Hamsha is a character in The Faces of Evil.[1]


Hamsha is an elderly woman who lives in an igloo in Nortinka. For unknown reasons, her mobility seems to rely entirely on an unspecified fountain. During Ganon's siege over the island of Koridai, he had frozen this fountain, and as a result froze Hamsha as well.[2] Link can throw a Firestone at her to thaw her, and she in turn rewards him with some Water of Life. If Link owns a Canteen, she will refill it for him as well. Even when thawed, she is still not free, and will freeze again shortly after. Link can thaw her again whenever necessary.


  1. "Raak Hamsha als dat nodig is met een vuursteen en ze zal je wat Levenswater geven."  (CD Interactief Volume 3, Issue 1 (HUB Uitgevers) pg. 39)
  2. "Help! Ganon froze the fountain. I'm stuck!" — Hamsha (The Faces of Evil)