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Hammer Tag

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Hammer Tag
Tingle's Tower - Hammer Tag.png
Location(s)Tingle's Tower
Game(s)Four Swords Adventures

Hammer Tag is a minigame in Four Swords Adventures. It is located in Tingle's Tower.


To play it, Link must visit Tingle's Tower. It starts off with a villager sitting by a tree. To start the minigame, someone must speak with the villager. After a short conversation, he selects a player at random. This person holds the hammer, and is dizzy for a few seconds, while the other players get a chance to run away. The player with the hammer must then chase the players and try to hit them with the hammer. On occasion, a portal to the Dark World will appear, allowing players to escape. The people who do not carry the hammer run much slower than usual, and are unable to roll. Meanwhile, the person with the hammer runs at normal speed, and can roll. It is difficult playing with only two people, because it is a true test of who's the better player. If playing with three or four people, it is smart to go after the person who has spent the least time with the hammer.

The first person to spend a minute in total time with the hammer loses, while everyone else wins.