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Hall of Secrets
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The Hall of Secrets
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The Hall of Secrets is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed] It is located in the Maku Tree. There, Link can find Farore, the Oracle of Secrets. In a linked version of Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons, Link can tell "secrets" to Farore to get special items and upgrades.[1][2] These secrets are obtained in several different ways, but are only effective in the game opposite of the one they were found in. Any secrets Link obtains on his adventures will be recorded in Farore's Memory of the same game.


By completing either Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons, Link will receive a secret ("Holodrum Secret" if Ages is completed, "Labrynna Secret" if Seasons is completed) which will allow him to begin a Linked Game in the opposing game that he completed. In this Linked Game, Link will meet certain characters who will tell Link secrets to be told to specific individuals in the opposing game on the completed file. Once Link tells the secret, he will receive a special item or upgrade not available in a non-linked game (such as a new sword or shield, Bombchus, new rings, etc.). Link then receives a secret (or password) which will allow him to carry the item back into the linked game. This password is brought to Farore in the Hall of Secrets in the opposing game in which it was found. Once Link tells her the password, Farore will make a Treasure Chest appear in the middle of the hall which contains the special item.

In the top right corner of the hall is a stairway that leads to the upper branches of the Maku Tree, which can only be accessed once enough Essences of Time or Nature have been gathered to allow the Maku Tree to grow.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese あいことばのへや (Aikotoba no Heya) Room of Passwords
French Republic FrenchEU Hall des Secrets Hall of Secrets
Federal Republic of Germany German Halle der Geheimnisse Hall of Secrets
Italian Republic Italian Sala dei Segreti
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Salón de los Secretos

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  1. "Welcome, Link. I am Farore, Oracle of Secrets. This is the Hall of Secrets, where your secrets take form." — Farore (Oracle of Ages)
  2. "At times and places, you will hear powerful secrets. At those times, come see me. I can give shape and form to your secrets!" — Farore (Oracle of Ages)