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Gust Jar

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Gust Jar
TFH Gust Jar.png
Gust Jar artwork from Tri Force Heroes
Use(s) Produces powerful gusts of air
Comparable Item(s) Deku Leaf
Gust Bellows

The Gust Jar is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

The Minish Cap

GustJar TMC.gif

The Gust Jar can be found in the Deepwood Shrine. It is one of the ancient treasures that the Minish made for humans. It can suck dirt, enemies, and Mushrooms into itself. The Gust Jar changes its color to indicate its power. Turning yellow indicates medium charge, while turning red indicates that it is at max power and air capacity.

The Gust Jar is also used for navigational purposes. While in Minish form, Link can jump onto Lily Pads and use the Gust Jar to shoot bursts of wind to the rear of the lily pad to cross bodies of water. The Gust Jar can also be used to suck in enemies and shoot them out, throw certain enemies off balance, absorb fire attacks, and remove fire scorching the ground. It is also useful to pull hard-to-reach items towards Link.

The Gust Jar is effective against air-based enemies, such as the Lakitu and Peahat. It can also be used to defeat Puffstools. It is the key item needed to defeat the Big Green Chuchu in the Deepwood Shrine and the Big Blue Chuchu in the Temple of Droplets. It can also be use to save Gregal from the Rupee Wraith in the Palace of Winds.

Tri Force Heroes

The Gust Jar behaves slightly differently in Tri Force Heroes, exclusively forcing out gusts of air, rather than sucking it in. Gust Jars can be used to propel other Links across gaps too wide to be thrown across, as well as blow items and enemies away. The item is necessary for many puzzles involving teamwork. For example, in some cases, a Link will need to use a Gust Jar to propel another's Bombs across gaps to switches or enemies. The Gust Jar can also blow out fires, stun enemies, and push certain foes off of elevated objects.

The item first appears in the Volcano's Den of Flames, and reappears in the Fire Temple, Sealed Gateway, Bomb Storage, Training Ground, The Lady's Lair, Infinity Dunes, Stone Corridors, Gibdo Mausoleum, Palace Noir, Lone Labyrinth, Deception Castle, and the Sky Temple. It also appears in the Coliseum's Volcano, Fortress, and The Ruins arenas.

TFH Nice Gust Jar Icon.png

The effects of the Gust Jar can be improved while Link is wearing the Gust Garb. This Outfit increases the size and range of the Gust Jar's puff of air.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 魔法のつぼ (Mahō no Tsubo) Pot of Magic
French-speaking countries French Pot Magique Magic Pot
Federal Republic of Germany German Magischer Krug Magic Jar
Italian Republic Italian Giara magica Magic Jar
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Jarrón mágico (TMC)
Jarrón de aire (TFH)
Magic Jar
Jar of Air
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Ánfora de Aire (TFH) Triforce piece.png Amphora of Air