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Guitar Guard

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Guitar Guard
CoH Guitar Guard Sprite.png
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Guitar Guards are enemies in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]


Guitar Guards are enemies that move to the beat of the music, preferring to move in a circular pattern and always move on every other beat, crouching for one beat before hopping onto an adjacent tile on the next. If their path is blocked off by an object or enemy, they will immediately hop away in the opposite direction, then resume their normal beat pattern by crouching on one beat and hopping away on the second beat before attempting to form another circle. The circular path that they form could be either clockwise or counter-clockwise, though the direction that they pick is always random.

They possess a special form of attack, pausing for one beat before strumming their guitar on the second beat, which unleashes a soundwave that both deafens and knocks back their target in all directions, making them dangerous around holes and other hazards. Upon seeing Cadence, Link, Yves, or Zelda, they will become aggressive and start making their way towards the heroes. They will try to perform this attack whenever the heroes are standing within their immediate vicinity, including on tiles sitting directly diagonal to them. They only share their deafening ability with the Sonic Wizzrobe and Octavo.

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