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Not to be confused with the Phantom Guide from Ocarina of Time.

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There are a number of people and creatures that lead Link to his next objective or give him hints throughout his many quests. Sometimes they are villagers and sometimes they are companions that travel beside him. In any case, having someone to guide Link toward his goal is essential in The Legend of Zelda series.

Old Man

Main article: Old Man


Villagers are very helpful in Link's quests. Many of them have information that is relevant depending on the player's progress in the game. Since The Adventure of Link, villagers who provide important hints have been a common theme in The Legend of Zelda series

Princess Zelda

Main article: Princess Zelda

When A Link to the Past opens, Zelda contacts Link while he is sleeping and tells him to rescue her from the Hyrule Castle dungeon. After Link rescues her, she tells him the way to a secret underground path leading to the Sanctuary. Later in the game, she will talk to Link telepathically through two magic wall tiles, saying "It's me, Zelda." In Ocarina of Time, she tells Link a prophecy, a prophecy of the Triforce, the importance of gathering the Spiritual Stones, and to play the Song of Time before the Door of Time. When Link first meets her in Twilight Princess, Zelda informs of how Hyrule became covered in the Twilight Curtain. She also tells him where to go to break Zant's curse.

Fortune Tellers

Main article: Fortune Teller

Fortune Tellers made their first appearance in A Link to the Past. If Link loses his way, he can pay to receive a vague hint by having his fortune told by a Fortune Teller, like he can with Madame Fanadi from Twilight Princess. Astrid, however, tells Link his fortune for free.


Main article: Sahasrahla

Sahasrahla, a descendant of one of the seven sages, is the old man who tells Link that he needs the three Pendants of Virtue to attain the Master Sword. He speaks to Link many times using telepathy, mostly through Telepathy Tiles seen on dungeons walls. Always beginning with "Link, it is I, Sahasrahla", he gives Link crucial advice, such as how to defeat Agahnim.

The Owl

Main article: Owl

The Owl is a frequent helper in Link's Awakening. After Link finds his sword on a beach, the Owl tells Link of his ultimate goal in his quest: to wake the Wind Fish. After Link receives the Full Moon Cello, the Owl tells Link that is it is one of the Instruments of the Sirens. He appears many more times, mostly after Link completes a dungeon. The usually tells Link where to go next, and he's probably the most straight-forward of all Link's guides.

Owl Statues

Main article: Owl Statue

These statues debuted in Link's Awakening. Some of them speak in riddles, which aren't particularly useful, but most tell Link where where nearby secrets such as Seashells may be. In Link's Awakening DX, the Stone Slabs in the dungeons of the original title were replaced by owl statues, which require stone beaks, found in their pertaining dungeon, to be able to give Link advice. The owl statues return in Majora's Mask, but they don't offer practical advice. They do, however, allow Link to warp to one of their various locations when he plays the Song of Soaring. The owl statues in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are a lot like the ones from Link's Awakening, as they offer clues, but only when Link uses Mystery Seeds on them. The statues in Twilight Princess stand upon Sky Characters, which Link needs to progress further.

Stone Slabs

Main article: Stone Slab


Main article: Ulrira

Ulrira, from Link's Awakening, won't provide Link with handy advice in person, but if Link uses a Telephone Booth, Ulrira will always answer. He will provide different hints depending on Link's progress in his quest.


Main article: Navi

Navi is the first of Link's Fairy guides. She appears in Ocarina of Time. When in the overworld, she'll say "HEY!" to tell Link where to go next. Most of her hints are vague but have obvious meanings. In addition, she allows Link to individually target objects, people, and enemies she flies to, and her color will change to green, blue, or yellow respectively. This feature is especially useful during combat. Some places she where she will turn green can't be targeted, but they usually mark where Link should play a song. Navi is one of the most useful guides in The Legend of Zelda series.

Kaepora Gaebora

Main article: Kaepora Gaebora

Similar to the owl of Link's Awakening, Kaepora Gaebora is an owl that gives Link advice. He debuted in Ocarina of Time. He is seen in various places of the overworld, firstly outside of the Kokiri Forest when Link first leaves. He talks a lot and will repeat himself if Link did not hear him the first time. In a couple places, if Link wishes, Kaepora Gaebora will also grab Link and fly with him to certain locations. He also appears in Majora's Mask. In this game, he will guide Link to where the Lens of Truth is hidden by leaving his feathers on invisible platforms. In Four Swords Adventures, he will often appear at the beginning of levels to tell the Links information about the area they are currently in.


Main article: Saria

Saria, Link's Kokiri childhood friend from Ocarina of Time, will teach him Saria's Song early in the game. When played on the Ocarina, Link can use the song to speak with her. If he does, she will sometimes make small talk but mostly offer advice. Her song can also be used to talk to Navi anytime if Link says "no" when Navi asks if he wants to talk to Saria.


Main article: Sheik


Main article: Tatl

Maku Tree

Main article: Maku Tree


Main article: Tetra

King of Red Lions

Main article: King of Red Lions


Main article: Ezlo


Main article: Midna


Main article: Fi