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Categories are the system that we use to organize and sort each page. They are located at the bottom of each page. A list of all categories can be found at Special:Categories.

How to Use Categories

Categories can be placed in a page by prefixing a category name with Category: and placing those between two brackets. Some categories are organized to form trees. The hierarchies of these trees depends on the subjects covered, though they often derive from commonalities between child categories. For example, the categories for Enemies in Breath of the Wild and Enemies in Link's Awakening are both sorted into the Enemies parent category.

When placed on a page, categories should follow in an alphabetical format, except in the case of categories pertaining to specific games (such as "Enemies in X"). In the latter case, these should be placed after all other categories alphabetically per game in the canon order (the categories for Characters in Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch) and Enemies in Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch) would be placed before Bosses in Ocarina of Time). A specific template was created to sort multiple categories of this nature, Template:Categories. Template:Categories presently covers the subjects of bosses, characters, dungeons, enemies, items, objects, places, songs, stages, and sub-bosses. Instructions on how to use both methods of categorization have been provided below. For advanced details on how to use Template:Categories, visit the template's page.

Code Categories
[[Category:Animals]] Category:Animals
 |bosses= OoT
Category:Bosses in Ocarina of Time
 |bosses= OoT, OoT3D
 |characters= OoT
Category:Bosses in Ocarina of Time
Category:Characters in Ocarina of Time
Category:Bosses in Ocarina of Time 3D
 |enemies= LA, LADX, LANS
Category:Enemies in Link's Awakening
Category:Enemies in Link's Awakening DX
Category:Enemies in Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch)

Creating Categories

Categories should be created before they're used on pages. To create a category, simply visit its page and begin editing it. There is a general rule that categories should only be created if five or more articles apply to it. If a category is created with less than five applicable pages, it may be subject for deletion. Exceptions to this rule include framework and support categories for games. For details on these categories, please refer to step 8 of the New Games guidelines.