Guidance Stone

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Guidance Stone
BotW Guidance Stone Hateno.png
The Guidance Stone in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Main appearance(s)
Downloading information to the Sheikah Slate
Comparable object(s)

Guidance Stone are objects in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]

Location and Uses

Guidance Stones are ancient pieces of Sheikah technology designed to upload information onto the Sheikah Slate. With Guidance Stones, Link can download maps of regions from Sheikah Towers, Runes from the Ancient Shrines on the Great Plateau, maps of the Divine Beasts and Rune upgrades from the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in exchange for certain ancient Materials.


  • The theme that plays while information is being distilled is a rendition of the music that plays when Link opens a Treasure Chest in every 3D Zelda game.
  • When transliterated into English, the Sheikah runes on the crystal's surface read "Master using it and you can have this." This line is spoken by the White Sword-Giving Old Man protecting the White Sword in The Legend of Zelda.