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Guardian Turret

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Guardian Turret
BotW Guardian Turret Model.png
Main appearance(s)
Shooting lasers
Effective Weapon(s)
Guardian and Ancient weapons
Master Sword

Guardian Turrets are enemies in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Hyrule Compendium Entry

127 (132) Guardian Turret
BotW Hyrule Compendium Guardian Turret.png
The Sheikah of ancient Hyrule developed this as a weapon to combat Ganon. This stationary model was used for defending important structures. Its offensive power is on par with other Guardians, and omitting the legs kept the manufacturing costs low.
Common Locations
Hyrule Castle
Recoverable Materials
Ancient Screw Ancient Spring Ancient Gear Ancient Shaft Ancient Core Giant Ancient Core

Guardian Turrets are a type of Guardian that do not move, but instead fire powerful lasers at Link. They are only found around Hyrule Castle. Upon spotting Link, their head will begin to elevate and they will charge their laser in preparation to shoot. Sometimes when firing their lasers, they will fire in rapid succession if their health is low enough and link has not moved too far from when they fired their last laser. These rapid lasers will stop if link gets hit too far from their last firing point, if link is no longer within their range, or at a random stopping point. Some Guardian Turrets can lock link between a wall and itself durring this rapid shooting phase, and trap link there for an extended period of time. If a Guardian Turret is hit from behind, they will malfunction like decayed guardians and start shooting lasers in whatever direction they were facing. If Link hits a Guardian Turret in it's eye using a bow, it will temporarily stun it. Sometimes when doing this, the Guardian Turret will retract it's head in order to mess up link's aim, and will extend it if link is aiming at its eye while it's head is retracted.. Using Stasis + on a charging up Guardian Turret will stun them afterwards, even if not hit during stasis. In Master Mode, Guardian Turrets will sometimes take slightly longer in their charge up phase before firing their laser to throw off link's timing. Several Guardian Turrets guard the entrance to the Sanctum of Hyrule Castle, where Calamity Ganon resides.


A Guardian Turret drops between 5 and 8 of:

Drop Table
Item Percentage
BotW Ancient Gear Icon.png
Ancient Gear
50 %
BotW Ancient Shaft Icon.png
Ancient Shaft
20 %
BotW Ancient Screw Icon.png
Ancient Screw
15 %
BotW Ancient Spring Icon.png
Ancient Spring
12.5 %
BotW Ancient Core Icon.png
Ancient Core
2 %
BotW Giant Ancient Core Icon.png
Giant Ancient Core
0.5 %



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