Guardian Slideshow

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Guardian Slideshow
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Quest Giver Loone
Location Puffer Beach
Reward Access to the Shoqa Tatone Shrine

Guardian Slideshow is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Link can access this quest by going to Puffer Beach. There, he will see a woman named Loone caressing an Ancient Orb. Upon talking to her, Link will find out that she is obsessed with Guardians and ancient technology. Currently, she is holding an orb which she has named Roscoe. This is orb is necessary to open up the Shoqa Tatone Shrine. In order to acquire the orb from Loone, Link must take pictures of three types of Guardians, including Guardian Skywatcher, Guardian Scout, and the regular Guardian. To do this, Link must approach one of these creatures, take out his Camera rune, and snap a photo of the guardian. While these various guardians can be found in many places, Link can easily find a Guardian Skywatcher patrolling the Akkala Citadel Ruins, a Guardian Scout in the various Strength Trial Shrines, and a regular Guardian in Hyrule Field. Upon showing Loone the photos, she will give up Roscoe, and Link may take it to open up Shoqa Tatone Shrine.


Stage Description
1 Loone, lover of all things ancient can't bear to part with her precious orb, Roscoe. Although, if you could somehow show her images of three types of Guardians, she may change her tune.

Figure out some way to safely show her what the different Guardians look like. The three include small Guardians, flying Guardians, and Guardians that walk around.
Complete Loone, lover of all things ancient, relinquished her orb once you showed her pictures of the three types of Guardians

When you placed the orb into the pedestal, an ancient shrine appeared!