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Guardian Acorn

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Guardian Acorn
Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (V1.1) (U) -C--!-.png
Link finding a Guardian Acorn
Use(s) Increases Defense
Comparable Item(s) Magic Armor, Armor Seed, Enhanced Defense, Blue Bracelet, Charms, Nayru's Love, Cane of Byrna
LA - Guardian Acorn.png

Guardian Acorns, also known as Acorns of Defense,[1] are items in Link's Awakening.

Location and Uses

Guardian Acorns are small, golden acorns, that are dropped by enemies. They appear when Link defeats 12 consecutive enemies without getting hit by one.[2] When Link touches one, the acorn halves all damage Link takes for a certain amount of hits. The duration is only denoted by unique music. It is one of two temporary upgrades available in Link's Awakening, the other being Piece of Power. The Blue Clothes obtainable in the Color Dungeon exclusive to Link's Awakening DX has the same effect, but is permanent. If Link already has the Blue Clothes, his defense will increase further with a Guardian Acorn.


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