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SS Link in Groosenator.png
Main appearance(s)
Other appearance(s)
Stun The Imprisoned(Series)
Transport Link to Mini-Games(SS)

The Groosenator is an recurring object in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Location and Uses

Skyward Sword

Created by Groose, the Groosenator is a railed weapon equipped with a catapult that fires Bomb Flowers in Skyward Sword.[3] The Groosenator is accompanied by tracks that circle the Sealed Grounds, allowing it to freely move upon and aim anywhere. Groose unveils it to Link when The Imprisoned breaks free for the second time. Link and Groose must use it to temporarily stun The Imprisoned, allowing Link to land on it and strike the spike on its head. The third time The Imprisoned breaks free, the Groosenator will stop it from flying. However, the road to Groose's Bomb Flowers will become blocked by rubble, so Link must launch himself onto The Imprisoned's head to attack the spike and seal it for the final time.[4][5]

Whenever Link needs to use the Groosenator, the Up Button on the Control Pad must be pressed to set up the shot.[6] The machine's position can then be adjusted with the Control Stick while the target is aimed at with the Wii Remote. The A Button is used to fire the Bomb Flower.[7] Once Link fires the Groosenator, he must wait until Groose shouts at him to fire once again.[8]

After Link has obtained the three parts of the Song of the Hero from the three regions on the Surface, Groose will offer to transport him to different Mini-Games found around the Surface or the Sky using the Groosenator, which can also serve as a faster alternative to flying on Link's Loftwing.[9]

The Sky The Surface
Clean Cut Thrill Digger
Dodoh's High Dive Rickety Coaster
Bug Heaven Thunder Dragon's Lighting Round

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, the Groosenator appears in several Keeps throughout the Sealed Grounds.[10] It is used to repel The Imprisoned whenever it attempts to destroy an allied Keep.[11] Unlike in Skyward Sword, it is stationary and cannot be moved. The Warriors are required to travel to the targeted Keep and use the Groosenator to stun The Imprisoned, causing it to fall, leaving it vulnerable to attacks once again.


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