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Grim Repoe

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Grim Repoe
TFH Grim Repoe Model.png
Dungeon(s)Palace Noir
Gust Jar

Grim Repoe is the Boss of Palace Noir and the Mini-Boss of The Ruins in Tri Force Heroes. It is a giant Poe carrying a large scythe.


The battle is fought in the center of a dusty, old, circular library. When the battle begins, three colored Poes will appear; one green, one blue and one red. The Poes will constantly flee from the Links while cackling madly. To defeat them, the Links can attempt to Dash Attack at them, or team up to corner the them, but the Poes can only be damaged by the Link who matches their color. As ghosts, the Poes can move through the bookcases in the center of the room as they flee. After all three Poes are defeated, the Grim Repoe appears in the center of the room and collects their souls inside of a glowing pendant.

The Grim Repoe will blow out the three Torches and bring darkness to the room. It will then spin wildly around the room with its scythe. The Link with the Fire Gloves can relight the Torches, while the Link with the Bow can assist by firing Arrows from a lit Torch to an unlit one. Once enough light is returned, the Grim Repoe will reappear then slowly float around the room, occasionally charging with its spinning scythe. The Link with the Gust Jar can then use it to stun the Grim Repoe, allowing the Links to attack its pendant. The Grim Repoe will then blow out the Torches again, requiring them to be lit once more. As the Grim Repoe will hover through the air at a higher elevation, the Links must form a Totem of two to stun it with the Gust Jar. After several more hits, it will be defeated.


Grim Repoe is a portmanteau of Grim Reaper and Poe.

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