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BotW Greta Model.png
Race Gerudo
Gender Female

Greta is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


On the side of the Fashion Passion Armor Shop in Gerudo Town, Link will find a closed, wooden door. If he attempts to open it, he will receive the Side Quest, "The Secret Club's Secret" and hear the Gerudo Greta speaking, who requires a password for entry.[1] If Link guesses the password wrong, he will not be able to try again until the next day.[2] Greta will then tell Link to go drink milk in the bar as a way to tell him to go away.[3] Once Link provides the correct password to Greta, he is allowed entry to the Gerudo Secret Club.[4] Upon entering and speaking to Greta, she notices that she has not seen Link before.[5] Greta comments that Link is a rare visitor and promises not to ask any questions if he does the same.[6][7] Greta then accepts Link as a member to the Club and the Side Quest is completed.[8]

If Link speaks to Greta, she comments that it is always "good evening" in the Gerudo Secret Club.[9] If Link asks what the place is, she explains that it is the Gerudo Secret Club, or "GSC" for short.[10] Greta sells the Desert Voe Set and the Radiant Set and tells Link that it is the only Shop in Gerudo Town that sells men's clothing.[11] She also explains that while it is illegal to sell men's clothing in Gerudo Town, there is a high demand for it.[12] Greta comments that she has never seen a man disguise himself as a woman like Link has, mentioning that they both have something to hide and suggests they move on to business.[13][14] She also says that she has not been in sunlight for years.[15] If Link ends the conversation, Greta asks if Link has ever noticed how beautiful light is in the dark.[16] When examining the Radiant Set, Greta will tell Link that it is made using Luminous Stones.[17] She then informs Link that he must also trade her Luminous Stones when buying the Set.[18]


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