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Greenbeard is never seen in the book
Other appearance(s)

Greenbeard is a character featured in The Crystal Trap.[citation needed] He is the spirit of the trees and woods and serves as the guardian of the Forest.[1] Although his appearance is brief in the book, Greenbeard plays an important role in the game since he is the only means by which Link and Princess Zelda can obtain the Spear, the only weapon that can defeat Ganon.


Princess Zelda encounters Greenbeard if she chose to travel through the Forest after encountering the crossroads. After she gets through the clearing, she hears a low moan, which belongs to Greenbeard.[2][1] Greenbeard is blocking Zelda's path, but he refuses to let her pass since he claims that people are always harming woods.[3] Zelda promises that as long as she's alive, she will not let the people of Hyrule or Moblins harm the woods.[4] Trusting her word, Greenbeard grants her passage and tells Zelda to be careful of the Tree Witch as she leaves the forest.[5]

Later on in the book, Link and Zelda encounter the Spear stuck in the middle of a giant tree trunk in the forest. Although Link is quick to decide that they should cut the spear off, Zelda stops him, remembering her promise to Greenbeard. Just then, however, a band of Moblins begin to approach them and Link tells the princess that they need the spear instantly. [6] If Link cuts off the spear with his sword, the giant tree will immediately begin to wither, with its huge tree limbs falling on top of the heroes and leading to their demise as Zelda wishes she had kept her promise to Greenbeard.[7] However, if Link doesn't cut off the spear from the tree, Zelda will mention she knows how to get the spear and steps back from the giant tree, lifting her arms. She calls upon Greenbeard and asks him to give them his spear to stop the gang of Moblin.[8] The Moblin fall silent and stop in their path after a soft wind blows through the clearing, obviously the work of Greenbeard, which causes the spear to fall into Link's hand.[9] With the Spear in hand thanks to Greenbeard's help, the young heroes successfully defeat Ganon.


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