Great Flameblade

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Great Flameblade
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Great Flameblades are items in Breath of the Wild.[name reference needed]

Location and Uses

Great Flameblades are two-handed Weapons. They appear in the overworld of Hyrule Kingdom.

Great Flameblades have a base attack damage of 34. The additional elemental bonus this weapon adds 10 to the damage in a single hit if the Fire is charged in the weapon.

Great Flameblades are spawned in Greater Hyrule. They appear in these locations:

-Dock, Hyrule Castle, Central Tower

-Ancient Tree Stump, Central Tower

-Coliseum Ruins(If all four Divine Beasts have been completed), Central Tower

-Eldin Great Skeleton, Eldin Tower

-Lomei Labyrinth Island, Akkala Tower

Great Flameblades are among one of the most useful weapons in non-combat scenarios. The Great Flameblades, upon a swing, can turn Wood into campfires, in which Link can rest beside it for hours. Carrying a Great Flameblade also adds one level of cold protection and this ability may be useful when Link travels in Cold regions with incomplete or no armor sets that have cold-resistance effects.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
FranceFrenchEULongue épée des flammesLongsword of the flames
ItalyItalianSpadone del fuoco 
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