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Great Dry Canyon

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Great Dry Canyon
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Sleeping Man
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The Great Dry Canyon is a location in Zelda's Adventure. It is a mountain path in Tolemac that leads to the Seacoast Plain.

Features and Overview

The Great Dry Canyon is a mountain road in central Tolemac that lies between the Forest of Findo and the Seacoast Plain. The canyon can be entered from the forest path of Findo, by taking the eastern path at the forest's end. The canyon path is a long yet straightforward road that eventually opens to the coastal shores of the Seacoast Plain to the south.

The canyon is most notably where Zelda's guide, Shurmak, resides during the princess's journey. She can be found in the north in a semi-enclosed area, sitting on a red recliner and surrounded by three stone pillars. It is here that Shurmak communicates with Zelda telepathically from afar. Although she has no advice to give to Zelda at the time of their meeting, she wishes her good luck.

A man can also be found asleep in the canyon. He does not interact with Zelda in any way.

Minor Enemies