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Great Deku Tree's Navel

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Great Deku Tree's Navel
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The Great Deku Tree's Navel is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The Great Deku Tree's Navel is the hollow center of the Great Deku Tree. The Navel is made up of a single hollowed out center with three rooms extending outward in the three compass directions other than the entrance.

The Navel is inhabited by three Koroks. Pepp is a Korok who runs an inn inside of the Tree, allowing Link to sleep and regain his health without paying any money. There are also two shops inside the Tree. The first is the Spore Store, run by Natie, which sells Mushrooms. The second is the General Shoppe, which includes assorted adventure items such as Shock Arrows and Apples.

The center of the Navel contains a Cooking Pot and a Soup Ladle. There is also a fire in the center of this clearing, and a Korok named Peeks can be found dancing around it. If Link talks to Peeks, Peeks will give Link the Side Quest "Legendary Rabbit Trial", where Link must show Peeks a picture of a Blupee.

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  1. "Zzz...
    Oh, Mr. Hero. Welcome to the Great Deku Tree's Navel.
    " — Pepp (Breath of the Wild)