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Main appearance(s)
Dugby (Grandson)[1]

Grapp is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Grapp is an elderly Goron who is found at the Goron Hot Springs sitting in one of its pools. He dislikes being disturbed while taking he is taking his bath.[2] Grapp expresses that he feels the water there is only lukewarm and would like to bathe in much hotter water, but is unable to due to the Magma Bombs ahead.[3] He tells Link that he should stay away from the Bridge of Eldin as the area past that point is incredibly hot.[4] However, he also admits that the Bridge is inaccessible anyway as Bludo had lowered it to prevent the Divine Beast Vah Rudania's advance.[5]

If Link is wearing the Flamebreaker Set of Armor, Grapp will be impressed with him.[6] However, he warns him to stay away from Vah Rudania regardless.[7]


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