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Race Hylian
Gender Male[1]

Gramps, also known as Old Man StreetPass,[2] is a character that appears in A Link Between Worlds. He is an elderly citizen in charge of the game's StreetPass functionality, Shadow Link Battles, and stands in the StreetPass Meadow on the western side of Kakariko Village.

Despite his unassuming appearance, Gramps also serves a less-obvious role as a secret boss. Once all 50 Challenge Medals have been collected, Gramps can be challenged to a duel in similar fashion to fighting a Shadow Link. He is the strongest opponent in the game, wielding upgraded versions of all the items and gear available to Link.


Upon first speaking to Gramps, he will explain how StreetPass works and help the player create their Shadow Link. Once a Shadow Link has been created for the first time, Gramps will plant the StreetPass Tree just west of Link's House. The apples on the tree will increase with the number of challenges that are completed. Gramps can be spoken to at any time to make changes to the Shadow Link's inventory, look at the list of Challenges and earned Medals, or have him repeat an explanation of how StreetPass works. Occasionally when speaking to him, Gramps will ask the player if they have visited the Apple Tree. If the player says that they haven't, Gramps will wonder aloud that the player must prefer oranges to apples.

Speaking to Gramps after obtaining all 50 Challenge Medals prompts him to challenge the player to a duel. Defeating him rewards the player with 5 rupees, and allows the player to rematch him at any time. Gramps explains that his bounty is so low because he pays for all the Shadow Link bounties out of his own pocket, and reveals that he established the Shadow Link Battles so that he could meet someone who is stronger than him.

Gramps is also shown during the credits sequence, following scenes of the sages returning home and the Hyruleans celebrating. Unlike the other characters, Gramps is not seen to be celebrating, but simply standing in the StreetPass Meadow.

In battle

Link and Gramps preparing to face off against each other in the Sky Arena

Going by the player name of "Legendary", Gramps is the strongest boss in the game. He has 20 hearts, all 50 Challenge Medals and fully upgraded gear; the Master Sword Lv3, Hylian Shield, Red Mail (although it is not visible on him), Pegasus Boots, Stamina Scroll and the Bee Badge. He will use two of any item in its upgraded quality and may also use Blue, Yellow or Purple potions. In addition, Gramps also knows the Great Spin.

The battle against Gramps will take place in a randomly selected arena, however the Desert Arena is usually only chosen if he has equipped the Sand Rod. He is extremely agile, and will frequently dodge the player's attacks or defend himself with his shield.


The battle will differ somewhat depending on the arena, and the items that Gramps brings to the fight. The Purple Potion can be particularly devastating to the player if Gramps is given the opportunity to use it. It will deal up to 8 hearts of damage, except in Hero Mode where it can instantly deal up to a massive 32 hearts of damage. It's not recommended to bring Bees, which are completely ineffective on Gramps as he carries the Bee Badge. It's best to circle around Gramps and continually stun him with the Boomerang, opening a chance to safely attack him and preventing him from using his items.


  • Gramps is tied with Shadow Link for the highest potential damage output of any vulnerable enemy in the series, able to deal a whopping 32 Hearts of damage with a single use of the Purple Potion in Hero Mode.
  • Gramps is the only Hylian boss and one of the few friendly bosses of the series. Along with Dark Link in Spirit Tracks, Gramps is also one of two secret bosses in the games.
  • Due to the battle being a StreetPass battle, Gramps is the only boss who is unable to actually kill the player if he defeats them.
  • Gramps musing that the player prefers oranges is a reference to the idiom of comparing Apples and oranges.


  1. "[Gramps.] You wanna hear about ol' Gramps, eh...? Well, this one isn't a rumor. It's something I actually saw with my own two peepers. But I probably shouldn't say anything. You know me—I'm not one to gossip. I might get in trouble if I told you. But on the other hand, if you really want to know, I mean...OK, WELL... So, Gramps in Kakariko Village? Near the town square? He's 80 years old, or so he says. I don't think he's just some ordinary old man who's just hangin' around... So, this one time, I saw him at the crack of down. You'll never guess what he was doing! [Handstands?] Yes! Handstands! So you saw him too, Link?! He was doing handstands! Not any ordinary handstands. One-fingered handstands! Really! I saw it! Either he's doing a sort of intense physical training or he's got some secret abilities he's hiding. But I don't want to be on that guy's bad side, so I didn't tell you nuthin'! Now you've heard it. Go on, now. That gossip ain't gonna spread itself!" — Rumor Guy (A Link Between Worlds)
  2. "http://zelda.com/link-between-worlds/heroic/" — Official A Link Between Worlds Website
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